Update 3.1 Patch Notes

Flashbang! Gem

Matches with Yellow
When matched, explodes, destroying the surrounding gems, and deals 5% of the opponents Max Life as Light Damage.
There is also a 1% chance to Stun them for 1 turn.

Flashbang! Gem will spawn normally when fighting all Gnoll enemies

Sandswept Variant

When a column is matched, create 1-6 Yellow Gems

Number of gems is based on the number of Variant pieces being equipped.

This variant in 3.1 will be applied to Lightbringer Gear and also use the Lightbringer Relics

Mirror of the Forgotten

At the start of my turn, there is a -10-20% chance to Blind the enemy for 2 turns.
If the enemy is already blinded, create 1 Flashbang! Gems instead.

The breastplate of Lunthalas the Forgotten, who slew a Dragon Lord almost 4000 years ago.
It was taken by the Dragons as a trophy, when they caught Lunthalas and tore him apart.

2 Piece Gear Set bonus:

At the start of my turn, create 3/4 (Legendary/Mythic) gems in a mix of colours based on equipped spell colours

Blinding Blast


110 Yellow Mana
• Blind the enemy for 2-7 turns . If the enemy is already Blind, deal X Light Damage , and create a Flashbang! Gem.

Conversion increases with Spell Rarity, Light Damage increases with Spellbook Level;

Desert Night


110 Blue Mana
Deal X Ice damage, and convert 3-8 Yellow Gems to Blue.

Ice Damage increases with Spellbook Level, Conversion increases with Spell Rarity



Might: 2-30 Speed: 10-195 Cunning: 4-75

○ Versus Spell: Polish Shell (50 Yellow Mana)
Heal X Armor and Resistance



Might: 10-190 Speed: 2-40 Cunning: 4-70

Versus Spell: Bone Breath (75 Blue Mana)
Deal Ice Damage, +10% for each Skull on the board.

“Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!”

We’ve made a few changes to Seasons! Some of these changes will be in update 3.1, while others will be available from 3.1.5 (current target release of June 4th to coincide with the Season).

Changes coming in 3.1
When Season Caches and Dungeon chests drop Gear, they will only drop the Seasonal variant
You will be able to purchase 50 Ancient Coins for 50 Seasonal Currency in the Season Rewards tab (this does not count towards your weekly Ancient Coin cap)

Changes coming in 3.1.5
Gold Season Pass holders will be able to choose one gear piece from the Seasonal set at Legendary rarity from the Season Rewards tab
Platinum Season Pass holders will be able to choose the above, and a gear piece from the Season set at Mythic rarity
Ancient Coins cap in the Archive is moving from 30 per day, to 420 per week

We’re giving Minions more to do in Versus!

Currently players get +0.1-5% Power and Vitality in Versus from each equipped Minion.
From 3.1, we’ll be scaling the buffs based on the stat’s number between 1 and 250 and giving them some new debuffs too!


  • Power and Vitality bonus is now tied to Might instead of the Minion’s Level
    • Power & Vitality 0.08% per Might (Max: 20%)


  • Speed now provides two debuffs targeting Starting Mana and Masteries
  • Players will be able to reduce enemy starting mana by a %. If they have 2 Minions with max Speed, then the enemy will start the battle with 0 Mana
  • Speed will also reduce Masteries, potentially strongly reducing Enemy Spell Damage for up to 25% per Minion!
    • Starting Mana -0.2% per Speed (Max: 50%)
    • Enemy Masteries -0.1% per Speed (Max: 25%)


  • Clever little Minions will be using Cunning to reduce Crit Chance and Crit Damage, reducing both based on the stat.
    • Crit Chance -0.2% per Cunning (Max: 50%)
    • Crit Damage -1% per Cunning (Max: 250%)

We wanted a way to run longer events with some cool stuff in it, so we made a way!

• Event Rewards will appear in our little task menu where you’ll find the Event Calendars
• The Rewards tab will show you all the cool stuff you can earn throughout the event!
• You’ll redeem special event currency which you can earn in different ways which can include:

  • Completing Holiday Tasks
  • Adventure Rewards
  • Holiday Giveaways
  • Completing Adventure Battles and Opening Chests (Up to a Daily Cap)

The Event Rewards will run up to 3 days beyond the finish of the event to make sure you have the chance to spend all your currency before Gong eats it!

Your first chance to see Event Rewards in action will be our Summer Festival running from June 17th → 21st July (UTC)!

The game has changed a lot in the past few years, but the Shop hadn’t really.
So, we thought it was well past time to give it a refresh and reorganize to better reflect the game we have now.

The Shop had some issues with categories not necessarily being particularly descriptive, and some items in the shop being difficult to find, so we’ve modernized and reorganized around what you need things for.

Note: To keep things clean and tidy, we hide any categories that don’t currently have anything in them


  • Various deals highlighted from around the Shop

Daily Deals

  • More or less as it was before, but organized in a more compact arrangement


  • Resources! This category breaks down into a few subcategories to make it more straightforward to find what you’re looking for:
    • Basics (Keys, Food, Ore etc)
    • Shards & Glyphs
    • Relics, Runes, and Scrolls
    • Followers & Crafting (Crystals, Dust, Aether, and other Follower related materials)


  • This is where you’ll find items and other collectables
    • Gear
    • Spells
    • Minions


  • You won’t find this one in the Shop just yet, but we’ve prepped these subcategories!
    • Skins
    • Portraits
    • Frames
    • Emojis


  • Same as before. This is where you’ll find your:
    • Crowns
    • Gems
    • Gold


  • No changes here, it just needed a new home!

The Gear Cache is a new way to find Gear! After the Gear Rework, we wanted to provide another way to find Gear directly:
• Found in Collectables > Gear
• 100 Gems to pull a piece of Gear Rare or Above
• You are guaranteed to pull a Mythic within 30 pulls from the Gear Cache

• Added cap to variant gear bonuses to 6 items equipped
• Barrier and Reflect are now consistent on the damage sources they trigger on.

• Added Continue button to Adventure menu to match Season and Story
• Added a Continue button to the end of battles in Adventures so you can skip returning to the map where possible
• Added Inventory button to end of Adventure battles
• After a conversation in Adventures, if there is only one possible next step, it will be automatically continued without needing to return to the map (where possible), bringing it more inline with the main story
• Can now use Loot Tickets even if your Gear Vault is overflowing

• Battle Pause Menu/Character Stats now expands the text out for Spells, Status Effects and Gear Set Effects, so it should now be more readable for longer descriptions
• Added a Collect All button to the Goals Tab. When Collect all is pressed, a list of all completed goals will be displayed, along with all the rewards received for collecting all those goals.
• Holiday event rewards and freebies will now use the full reward menu when needed
• Pressing back in an Adventure will now close the active node popup instead of just closing the menu

• Updated the reward display for Gear to show the Quality value, the Quality of the Elemental Mastery, and the Core Stat
• Updated reward display for basic resources to show the total amount you have
• Added additional information for how to increase resource caps (if possible), to the tooltips of Gold, Ore and food, if they are currently capped
• The Resource Cache Possible Items list in Seasons will now sort the percentage chances from highest to lowest, and condenses the list to be more readable.

• Achievements should now sync on loading the game when swapping between platforms

• Seasonal Dungeon Wealth Altars should now be rewarding Gold correctly
• Season Dungeons should be assigning enemies randomly again

• Fixed Season camera not focusing on nodes correctly after completing certain steps
• Gem of Dreams was incorrectly keeping the Big Gem number from Green Gems
• Ancient Coin material finder description been corrected

• Reward screen Gold bonus not displaying correctly (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• Joining chat while in Party forces “retreat”
• Purchasing random Spell Pages from Shop can show “Owned Max Spells” warning incorrectly (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• Quickly skipping conversation causes error & soft lock (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• XP Bonus not showing visually in Adventure (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• Upgrade pip missing from Minion list under Gear (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• Gear Filter by number should be removed (Fixed in 3.1.5)
• Leaving game in background causes black background
• PQ3 client is causing some devices to overheat (iOS/Android/Xbox Series X) (Improvements have been made in 3.1)

3.1.5 will have it’s own patch notes

Reminder: If someone in your Kingdom updates before you, you will be locked out of the Kingdom. This is not a bug.


Does the update start tomorrow ?

It will release on the 29th AEST for this update - so in 2 days


Whats the original gear set the sandswept is attached to?

Is the gear cache on all chapters (base game, season, and active season)?

Define correctly? Is this a buff or nerf to how it currently works?

Patch in 2 days the 29th? For me 2 days is the 28th, Tuesday. Please clarify

It is neither, they weren’t rewarding them before - as an example, in some instances, you could get two Wealth Altars in a Dungeon, which offer a bonus amount of gold and this bonus gold was not received.

And I’ll add in the missed details for Sandswept variant gear - it will be a variant of the Lightbringer gear (from 1.5) and in Season once it starts, just like last season when we introduced Fae Touched variants.

Like last season, there won’t be a new relic - so Sandswept gear will use the Lightbringer Relics.

^ I’ll edit this as well, as all Gear dropped within the 3.1 Season will be variant Sandswept gear

I’ll double confirm these, as now I’m paranoid that I have missed something or misunderstood it!

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I hope the drop rates won’t be bad like 3.0. I feel some kind of comp is in order for 3.0. I opened 540 chests all X dungeons and never got a fae touched mythic . Only 2 legendary pieces. I can’t even get the coin rewards and I’m a platinum member. Is this a force to have us buy caches which drops are terrible in 3.0? I save my coins to convert to ancient every season. Won’t but any more than 5 caches. I got legendary amulet and will upgrade to mythic in future

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Well unless I’m surprised, I’m actually doing last 9 dungeons now

Can you use normal lightbringer or dreamhold gear to refine sandswept and fae touch gear?

No, you cannot add a variant onto a piece of gear that doesn’t have it - we would have mentioned it in the Follower Crafting blog.

Also no information if there will be Seasonal additions to the Forge in the future.

No, not add the variant. Use one to enhance the quality of the other or are they basically different sets?

Oh is the forge just for the first 15 chapters? I figured it was for seasons too, since thats the only way to make a mythic Dragonking axe now.

Oh, they will just be considered Lightbringer/Dreamhold gear, them being a variant or not has no effect in the Forge. So if you want to refine a Dreamhold piece of gear and the requirement is a matching piece from that set, if it’s fae touched it can still be used - the variant is irrelevant.

I’m not sure what you mean…

Cos you can’t craft Seasonal gear currently anyways, that does not change with the Follower Crafting rework aka The Forge system

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I’m just talking about refining, not crafting seasonal mythics.

Thought so, I was just editing my reply - yes, you can refine them


This will be the first season platinum pass I don’t purchase. I would have not purchased this season (3.0 Fae-touched) either, but I was in the habit of trusting that it would be worth it.
I even went as far to request a refund (which was denied, of course) because I thought season 3.0 was a bad-faith delivery of what has been traditionally delivered with the season passes:

  • new gear (was not new, and the variant was delivered at a reduced drop rate)
  • new pets (half as many)
  • new spells (half as many)

Again, we get another underdelivered season.
Putting variants on the worst gear sets is not making them more attractive for use.
The Lightbringer set has way more problems than this variant can fix. I was willing to write of season 1.5 as an unfortunate waste of resources, but now you are forcing it on us again. It is a clearance item being sold at full retail.

Occupying these first two seasons with a re-release of the worst two sets is a horrible decision. Can we assume that this trend will continue for another three seasons through 3.5?

I do not like this trend at all.


I’d be alot more excited if this variant was on the Diraquine or Trarg sets. Lightbringer set needs a few tweaks before it would be worth running.

Just so I can pass on accurate sentiment & feedback @00h00m - do you find the addition of a Legendary piece of gear to the Gold Pass, and a Legendary & Mythic piece of gear in the Platinum Pass not valuable because they are variants or, a different reason?

I have already owned this set for a long time (a year+ ?).
I have never bothered to evolve any of the pieces past Epic, because they are so, so bad. I only bothered to epic the pieces for the seasonal goal.

The set was a complete failure the first time around. The percent chances to trigger the effects were horrifically low for what they provided.

Adding more yellow generation on column match is not going to fix this set.

I created a gear ranking page for my Kingdoms use. Here are my rankings for Lightbringer:

The inclusion of Legendary and Mythic gear in the passes is only going to lead to many players with buyer’s remorse when they figure out how under-powered these items are compared to other readily available pieces.

The one saving grace that 3.1 had was that the unique item is quite good, but that was tainted by the horrific drop rate of the fae-touched variant.
3.1 does not even have that going for it.

Here is my ranking for Mirror of the Forgotten:
PvE Grade: D
PvP Grade: D (too many better items for the slot)
KD Grade: F


For some context also around the introduction of Season gear variants.

Many of you would remember the 505 Games announcement at the end of last year regarding a reduction in headcount across their global operations. Unfortunately we were not unaffected by this news.

Rather than asking our remaining team to pickup extra duties on top of their own, we had to work out ways to reduce the workload broadly to ensure we wouldn’t both be losing people from the team and asking everyone else to crunch.

As you can imagine, adding new Gear, Spells, and Minions every Season is actually a bit of work that passes through the hands of several people. Variants were our way of trying to make sure we kept some fresh and (hopefully!) interesting Gear coming out, while reducing some of the workload required to bring it out for the time being.

While I understand that doesn’t resolve the feedback about the introduction of variants, I hope it helps explain a little further as to why they have been created.

Just on a more personal note, I hope also everyone can see that since this occurred last year, that the team is really putting in their all - I’m very proud we have been able to have continued wins despite it being a really difficult time recently.