[Reported] "Error. Unable to purchase. This Bazaar deal is not available."

I just checked the Bazaar, noticed there was a legendary relic up for grabs for 15k gold (along with a bunch of other stuff that didn’t cost gems/crowns), then proceeded to spend the 200 ingots to resupply the bazaar so we could all get 2x everything (especially the legendary relic!), as you do…

Then BAM!

Apparently I’m specifically not allowed the legendary relics, as I purchased 2x everything else I could that doesn’t require being a VIP

After clicking “Okay” it just continuously says “Purchasing…” with the swirly loady thing down the bottom right, until I click out of the purchase window, which allows me to carry on doing whatever else I want in-game…

…EXCEPT buy the 2x legendary relics I would very much like to get before the daily reset, which I can’t buy because for some reason the game says, as stated above, “This Bazaar Deal is not available.”

I’ve restarted the game a number of times and tried on both pc and mobile, but I haven’t tried reinstalling the game or other things as of yet.

I’ve yet to hear back from other kingdom members (TheThreeMatchiteers) if other folk are also having this issue or if it’s just me.


I’ve heard from one other member of my kingdom (TheThreeMatchiteers) so far, who is also unable to purchase the legendary relic/s.

Same problem 7sins kingdom

It appears there was an issue in the backend that was causing VIP offers to display in the standard slots. Which should be resolved in the next 24hrs.

I’ve asked the team if there is a way around this error to just allow the purchase - just waiting to hear back. This would help anyone in 7sins as this is an active deal.

As for TheThreeMatchiteers, I am following up on if we can run that deal again for you later this week.

Fixes for this will need to be case by case, but I’ll try and grab them asap if any different Kingdoms are reported


Gotta hate issues on the “backend” :joy:

Cheers Jeto :+1:

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