[Reported] Kingdom Bazaar changed deals ~5-10 minutes after Deals were refreshed on Daily Reset

So today at Daily Reset, I checked out Kingdom Bazaar and found a pretty nice spread, including 4 gold deals, an Honor Deal and a Spell Glyph for food. I bought the first 5 deals and expected to buy the Spell Glyph later once I had the required 9k of Food. 5 minutes later, I reload the Kingdom Bazaar to find this:

The purchase is recorded but an entirely different spread of deals is now showing in its place. I restocked the bazaar and the following resulted:

Obviously I did not pay 881 gems for this trash. So now not only am I out the expected spell Glyph but the entire kingdom is out gems because of this bazaar hiccup.

Please check my currencies to verify (Name Code: PALLY_MDGE), I can assure you I did not spend gems therefore this entire bazaar is bugged.

EDIT: 3 other kingdom members have confirmed they saw the same thing.

EDIT #2: Just remembered, here’s another bug - the Random Minion Deal forces you to restart if you do a Bazaar Restock and attempt to buy both of them at the same time. In order to avoid a forced restart, you have to buy them one at a time.

EDIT #3: Just found out @rob reported this minion purchasing bug here (I play on Android, fyi):


Exact same issue. Member of Sibelios kingdom and i did the same and was going to come back to get the spell glyph.

I did not spend the gems either, but my purchases counted towards the total purchases

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I’m in the same Kingdom as Sibelios. I can confirm it happened as described


This issue just happened to the guild I am in.

Guild leader refreshed to restock a Legendary Relic, and upon refresh the relic turned into Mutiny crystals.

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Just popping in to let you know we’ve reported what happened to the team. Thanks for the details. We’ll let you know once we have more info.

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I’m not sure I can help at all with this bug, but it did happen to me yesterday. My kingdom didn’t buy a bazaar restock, but when I went back to check, the Toragon crystal I bought right after reset was transformed into armor shards, iirc.

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The same issue happened to our kingdom bazaar (Throne of Odin) again today. I bought some deals 10 mins after reset today. A few hours later, I checked the deals again and they changed. Several other kingdom members saw the same change today.

This appears to still be happening intermittently.