Fairer bazaar for all kingdom members

Unfortunately for me the bazaar resets at 2am my time and this means I am always sleeping when the bazaar resets. This means I frequently miss out on the ability to buy the food or ore deal from the bazaar. I find this quite upsetting that I miss out because I am sleeping. I contribute marks to the kingdom for the benefit of everyone yet others regularly clean out the food and ore before I wake up.

My suggestions as a solution to the problem:

  1. Cooldown - Each member can only purchase 1 of each deal with a cooldown of about 8 - 10 hours before a second purchase. Then a shorter cooldown of maybe 2 hours for subsequent purchases so that the maximum 30/30 can be reached by the kingdom.

  2. Rationing - In the first maybe 8 - 10 hours after the upgrades activate only one of each deal can be bought by any individual member. Then the next maybe 4 - 8 hours only one more can be bought (or 2 if the person didn’t buy any in the first time slot). After that anyone can buy them freely.

  3. Allow a minimum of 1 purchase per kingdom member - Assuming the max has been reached for the day 30/30. Allow any member who has not purchased any of the deal to still buy 1 of the deal even though the limit has been reached. This way nobody misses out.

  4. Some sort of tracking of member purchases - This way it can be seen who is overbuying all the bazaar deals at the expense of other kingdom members.

This same problem was partly covered in this feedback but it also goes in to way more depth about many other suggestions too and this particular issue gets lost in everything there. Higher Buy Limit on Bazaar Ores, Bazaar Suggestions, and ALSO Please Add Bazaar Tracking Per Player on Guild Menu


The problem with kingdom structure, rewards, management, etc. etc. has been voiced numerous times, not only in the thread you linked, but here:

and here:

and here:

Literally nothing has been done to kingdoms since the beginning of early access in March. At this point, I really hope they just rework kingdoms entirely and that it gets a robust update before launch. Currently keys are pointless, Food is king but mostly unable to be spent, and active kingdoms are punished daily. Virtually everything about the current kingdom structure is bad and needs to be rethought.

Until they actually update kingdoms, maintain a kingdom of ~15 players.

I share the details of what we have done in Throne of Odin to deal with this issue: