The running a kingdom SUCKS! Kingdom Feedback Thread

Please, give us something, anything to help us make better kingdoms!

There is no breakdown of any kind to see who is contributing to the health of the Bazaar deals. It’s incredibly frustrating.

There is no notification to see if anyone has chatted in the kingdom chat, sometimes I feel like I’m chatting on into the void.

Give us a way to see if our kingdom mates are logged in so we don’t have to guess when is a good time to make a group…

Other kingdom runners; Please add your own gripes as you see fit…


Currently guilds only have rewards for around 1 minute at reset time, then they are all depleted. Food deal is gone in under a minute and then keys often go down a minute or 2 after that.

Also have someone from my guild that is impossible to kick. Been nearly a month since the support ticket and they are still there with no way to kick.

Must be nice to be in a kingdom where you don’t have to pour resources in to keep the bazaar deals up lol

It didn’t used to be a problem, but this patch has decimated my kingdom. 75% of my guys, most earning at least 200 crests a week have left the game this month and the newbies are trying but even they don’t stick around for longer than 2 weeks mostly…

Just a simple text based log of who purchased what would already go a long way towards guild management at the moment. Just a separate tab on the chat, or even a daily email to the guild master if it would ease implementation efforts at this stage.


Several options around inactivity:

  • Show when a player was last online.
  • Option for automatic demotion and/or kicking for inactivity.
  • A way to take ownership of a kingdom where the leader has abandoned the game.

While active kingdoms are struggling to fill slots, there is a lot of open kingdoms lower down that get started but then the leader walks away from the game leaving some without anyone able to promote or kick and so the kingdom dies a slow death.

A way to see who has donated what to the bazaar deals, as more active kingdoms try to sustain the higher level deals. It shouldn’t need to fall on the shoulders of a few to keep deals sustained.

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Something else I’d love as a king of my own kingdom, the ability to create our own custom ranks and titles and to have more than just 3 available to choose from.

Please give us a Jester rank. I have all the good feedback ideas.


I’m hoping a kingdom revamp is being looked into. The big ones are run by some of your biggest fans, throw us a bone hey?

Another thing that would be great is more characters available for writing a kingdom decree or somesuch. A bit more room to detail rank levels, Discord links and generally what is expected to be a fitting kingdom member

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Another kingdom feature request… how about a way for kingdom leaders to distribute resources to their fellow players? Say you want to give incentives or rewards to particularly conscientious players, like gems for hitting a particular crest target.

Or even a kingdom bank to pool resources together? Excess shards and item materials for newbies in your kingdom to draw from to help them get started would be really cool and encourage them to stick around


Can you please put it somewhere visible, detailing what privileges each rank has? I had no idea that Duke/Duchess ranks had kingdom renaming and kicking abilities

I also learned a few days ago that you can have multiple kings and queens. Kingdoms are super mysterious!

Is there a reason why the chat log is so small? The 20 or so lines it goes back to is not nearly enough. This goes for the general chat too