The Patch 0.40 Kingdom Revamp Thread

So here we are, over 6 months into this PQ3 “Early Access”, with no news from the guys making this game acknowledging if we are being heard about our cries for a better way to have kingdoms run and exist. So much of the kingdom design currently entails absolutely no group effort targets and are completely individualistic

Here is what has been ignored so far:

A “Last Seen” feature showing when the last time a player was logged in

Showing what kingdom a player is in from their detailed info

A fairer bazaar system for full and active kingdoms

More preview details about a particular kingdom available to people that not already in one

What ranks do in a kingdom

A place to have information anywhere on how to achieve a promotion in a kingdom

A place to put in a detailed brief about your kingdom

A way to have custom ranks available in your kingdom

Meaningful/productive kingdom titles. The current ones achieve basically nothing

There is no breakdown of any kind to see who is contributing to the health of the Bazaar deals (ideally this would become a moot point if bazaar deals were designed in a fair way)

Options available for automatic demotion and/or kicking for inactivity

Some kind of way to take ownership of a kingdom where the leader has abandoned the game

A way for kingdom leaders to distribute resources to their fellow players

A collective kingdom bank to pool resources

A larger chat log for kingdom chat

Kingdom vs Kingdom PVP of some sort

Other requests: You know what would be cool and awesome to have?

A button that shows up in your kingdom chat, when a fellow kingdom member creates a group. This would facilitate much faster way to play together.

Please leave your own ideas for the upcoming 0.40 patch :slight_smile:


Could Bazaar deals be fixed by using a system like the crests system?
Every deal purchases generates a contribution to the pool of daily rewards for that specific deal, when maxed out or at daily reset, everyone in the guild gets an mailed (equal) reward for each deal


  • simple and equal for all guild members


  • everyone gets equal deal rewards, so those who contribute more do not get more rewards (and vice versa)
  • can’t get partial keys so if you generate less keys that guild members - what happens?
  • what if someone leaves a guild after contributing but before receiving any deal rewards
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Honestly, I just hope there is SOMETHING in the next patch, that is focused on improving the kingdom experience. If I could only pick one thing, it would be addressing the bazaar. That is so long over due. The value of a ruby mark has been inflated with the changes to marks. So people who can never get food deals (time zones etc) are really paying a heavy penalty.

Right now, that penalty is relatively meaningless because there is not yet much competitive content. And the competitive content that does exist, doesn’t require anything too crazy as far a gear.

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