Higher Buy Limit on Bazaar Ores, Bazaar Suggestions, and ALSO Please Add Bazaar Tracking Per Player on Guild Menu

One thing that is of course evident in the current state of PQ3 is how bad the shard economy is. One thing that is contributing to this is the low buy limit on the Ore Deal.

Currently, all Bazaar tiers have a buy limit of 30. This is rather low given how easy this particular category is to mass buy. An entire guild with a rare miner can auto buyout tier V instantly and an entire guild with epic+ miner can buyout tier VII instantly only giving each player the opportunity of buying one.

This category is particularly valuable given how hard shards are currently to get and how bad upgrading followers for their ore craft currently is.

The current value for them are:
Ore Deal IV = 15 ore per tier 2
Ore Deal V = 16.66 ore per tier 3
Ore Deal VI = 13.75 ore per tier 3
Ore Deal VII = 15 ore per tier 4

There are a couple problems here:

1: A lot of ultra active players in a guild who play within a few hours of reset can buy out all 30 before half the guild has the chance to buy 1.

2: The guild is forced to upgrade to tier 4s when they may want the higher quantity of Ore Deal VI tier 3s.

3: The amount of buys is very small, essentially only being 1 per player per day currently, often getting more from the free daily shop.

Some fixes for this would be:

1: Add a 3 buy threshold per player before it starts to tick down the 30 number. This would still count towards the upgrade, but would not count to reducing the 30 number. Only when people start to buy more than 3 would the 30 number start to tick down. This would ensure no matter how active players in a guild are, every player can buy the offer 3 times each day.

2: Allow the gold crown leaders of the guild an option to cancel an upgrade. If the guild wants to stay at IV to farm tier 2s or VI to farm tier 3s, there should be an option to do so. Currently, the game forces an upgrade or a downgrade EVERY single day with no option to just stay at current tier. The only tier that has a stay option is tier VII.

3: Allow tracking of Bazaar per player. There is currently no way to know who or how much is being contributed to the Bazaar by each player. There is no way guilds can set a requirement for these fields. It is also the only weekly bonus in the guild that has 0 tracking, so no one knows who will get the 5% gold bonus the following week until the day of, whereas the other 2 fields are visible and can be contested.

ALSO, while it is a bit of a topic in itself, very briefly, both the Food Offer and Honor Offer are ultra bad value:

Food Offer: It trades a non-infinite farmable resource for one that is infinitely farmable. Even when a player has more food than they could ever know what to do with, the current food offer would STILL not be worth it. The offer needs to be changed to a resource that isn’t marks, or have the food cost reduced by about 10x, or have the amount of marks increased by about 10x. If going down the resource route, one change that would make it beneficial while still allowing food to do marks would be to make the tiers into skirmish and dungeon loot tickets instead of marks.

Honor Offer: Not enough honor is brought into the game currently to sustain the current scaling of the honor offer. Similar to food and ore, honor is also used for other things. The difference with honor is in the current state of the game a person would need to be in ALL 3 pvp tournaments with a rare+ Gong just to be able to keep up with the tier VI and VII upgrades. This means every player would have to dump all their glory every day into the offer, and then still could fall short. Best fix for this would be to add more ways to get honor in the game or remove honor keys from the honor shop while simultaneously reducing the honor cost for the guild version of it.


IMO, I believe that the majority of your post can very likely be answered with “working as designed/intended”.

The Bazaar is a guild/kingdom perk. The Ore Deals are not meant to be a complete replacement for the Runesmith, but likely rather a limited benefit to the guild/kingdom above and beyond what the Runesmith offers. The 30 per day offer for the guild is very much likely there to keep the Ore Deal offers from replacing the Runesmith entirely.

This is a potential problem, depending on how a guild looks at the situation. You are right that in a top-end guild, a few highly-leveled and deep-pocketed players could clean out all 30 offers in minutes after a daily reset. But, to play devil’s advocate, what about players in low-end guilds where a few players have to transact multiple purchases just to reach Ore Deal 3, 4, or 5? If a purchasing restriction was put into place on players, those guilds may never reach the mid-tier Ore Deals.

Yup. The Ore Deal still is far and away the best resource deal in the game currently. I can’t fathom why any rational person would exchange food for dungeon marks. Jury is still out on the Honor → Keys deal in the long-term. I do think that the intention is for all players to be able to participate in at least the first two tournaments per week, if not all three.

Pretty sure 2 out of 3 offers in guild being useless is not “working as intended”.

Runesmith is good for tier 2s and tier 5s, both something the guild offer can’t do when hovering around tier 3s/4s.

Runesmith currently shares the same issue as every other production follower currently in the game:

  • Randomness
  • Costs more as upgraded
  • No passive when not crafting

I never once mentioned a purchasing restriction. I mentioned an amount of buys that every player can do that counts towards the upgrade that doesn’t count against the total number of buys the guild has. 30 + 3 per player. In a sense, that is 120 buys with a buy restriction of 33 if someone somehow bought it all, but is more likely to be 0-6 per player. That way if people buy out everything, everyone can still buy 3 per day if they want to.

As mentioned, if more honor is brought into the game, it would be fine. The problem is that under the current amount of glory and current scaling, it is not worth it.

Even once it is buffed it is likely to not be worth it for several months due to the value of 200-600 food compared to a few keys.

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Since version 0.35 doubling ore rate and doubling ore storage, it is worth mentioning this is even more of an issue now.

It is possible for 5 people to wipe the ore deal within 10 minutes of daily reset.

Worth considering this:


I wonder if it is even how the system was intended to work.
To me is seems it should be like the LT system in GoW. 1 person pays and the whole guild benefits.
Which actually makes sense that there is a reward for the biggest weekly spender, who helped the guild the most. And it would make the honor and food deals more attractive. like 30x more.

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Reupping this as many of these issues still need to be addressed, most importantly is better Kingdom Management tools. Lack of purchase history, lack of ability to set Deal/member buy limits, poor resource alignment, etc. are all still plaguing active kingdoms.


Still a thing but now its food haha

Food offer in my guild currently dies within 1 minute of reset, lol.


It’s now going to be an in-kingdom fight to the death for Master of coin.

My kingdom fills it max with a few hours of reset because people forget to buy

few hours? swoon! In our guild, if you are fortunate enough to be able to be on at reset, you get:

Restart because its reset… enter social… attempt to buy… everyone is trying to spam so probably a server error… get back in and franticly try to buy one as you see number of available drop faster than seconds on a clock. If you don’t get a click in within the first minute, so sorry.

This is sooooooooooo bad. I try to stick with one unless I’ve been odd girl out for sever days. But its not hard for me to understand the people spam buying. It’s not. Because this is the system in place.

We need a system where guildmates are not competing with eachother.

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Agreed it should not be a fight to the death. It should be a bonus for the guild

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