Current guild system allows for real world trading resources

Recently my guild and a few others have maxed the honor deal that allows buying a ruby key for 150 honor or 2 gold keys for 140 honor.

The numerous issues about the current guild systems have been mentioned in many threads, all with no dev response currently, such as here:

One thing that may get a dev to finally respond is that this current system can be used for real world trading in game resources for substantially less than the cost of buying them with money via the game itself.

For example, a person could make their own solo guild, use a bunch of honor to get the guild to guild honor deal 6 and food to honor deal 7, then every day sell the 30 food deal 7 and honor deal 6 or 7 for nearly nothing. Even if not specifically sold for real world money, it could be used to give people resources way above the currently intended amount.

In the case of honor deal 6, it gives 2x the gold keys of buying a 180 honor gold key while having 40 left over. A gold key is worth 180 gems, so an extra gold key and 40 spare honor savings (40 gem value) is worth 220 gems of gold keys compared to just buying it in the shop.

This means if someone sold all 30 honor deal VI to someone, it would come out to a gem value savings of 6,400 gems per day. 6,400 gems currently costs around $55-$60. That amount of resources could likely be real world traded for around $2-$5 per day (also a bit of a testament to how overpriced everything is within the game, nothing is worth buying not even the monthly VIP pass nor battle pass).

But yeah, any plans to address guilds at some point? They have been untouched all beta so far.