Best ways to spend Honor?

It is likely that in the late game, players will be trying to get high amounts of Honor to spend on the Bazaar key tiers to keep those up.

For guilds that can’t maintain the upgrades, trying to use the kingdom bazaar is a waste of currency. In the meantime, the 6 Shop offers are the only other way to use Honor:

  • 500 Gold for 50 Honor
  • 200 Food for 50 Honor
  • 100 Ore for 50 Honor
  • 2 Wooden Keys for 60 Honor
  • 1 Iron Key for 90 Honor
  • 1 Gold Key for 180 Honor

Is it a good decision to sink all your honor into Food?

Since they buffed food from 100 to 200, there literally is nothing else glory is used for ever. It allows keeping Auri at a substantially lower level and drastically increases the initial leveling process of followers.

Even at 100 food the 50 glory food option seemed like the best option. Now it is 2x stronger for the same cost.

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Wait it’s buffed from what it was before? Sweet, going to dump all my honor into Food now.

Ore and Food purchases rates with Honor were rebalanced in 0.34 quietly. Food went up, while Ore went down.

Depends on your goals and objectives.

Keys are always a bad choice. The player will never receive equivalent exchange rates for gold, food, or ore through consumption of 2 Wood, 1 Iron, or 1 Gold key. There’s always the chance of a Uncommon or Rare item through use of an Iron or Gold Key, but that is too rare and too niche of an outcome 90-95% of the time.

While the stun-looping meta still exists, gear score is mostly irrelevant (which still screams as something that will be addressed at one point). That said, should this ever be addressed, buying ore and spending it in the Kingdom Bazaar would be a very good idea, as the Ore Deal is the only focused guarantee for upgrade shards (albeit random on what shards you get) in the game outside of a direct random Daily Deal offer. On the other hand, the 0.34 nerf for Honor–>Ore rates (it was cut in half), significantly reduces the effectiveness of this course of action.

The Food Deal in the Bazaar is awful, and so is the Honor Deal, so those are non-starters.

So, outside of grinding the Bazaar Ore Deal with your kingdom for shards, I think I would generally agree with the thread about the Honor → Food deal, especially with the 0.34 buff to it.

I think the top priority is food as long as any of your followers are not maxed out.
If everyone in a kingdom reach this, they may consider do bazaar for high tier honor purchase. If not, just buy ore for your followers.

Data of honor deal:
T1: 1 Wooden key for 100 Honor
T2: 2 Wooden keys for 105 Honor
T3: 1 Iron key for 110 Honor
T4: 2 Iron keys for 115 Honor
(From this tier bazaar becomes better than honor shop)
T5: 1 Gold key for 120 Honor
(I haven’t seen higher tier so the following two tier is my speculation)
T6: 2 Gold keys for 125 Honor
T7: 1 Ruby key for 130 Honor
(I think this is the highest possible bazaar tier, since it require 27 purchases to reach, and bazaar only have 30 stock, and T8 should require 35 purchases, which are impossible to do)

Yeah, that might be a good strategy for increasing your follower’s levels after spending Honor for Food.