Food - we need more ways to spend it

Food - We need more ways to spend it.

Not less. Not cheaper food deals, not more food from chests, dungeons, skirmishes, events, flash offers or revamped mid-season season passes.

Food - We need more ways to spend it.

I would really have hoped that the many threads on this topic already would have presented a clear common voice on the issue, but from the Update 0.39 patch notes all I see is reducing the food cost for some early follower upgrades.

Food - We need more ways to spend it.

I know it can be hard to miss the threads, the same responses only come up consistently with every update of the past 6 months, where the problem has been ignored, so take your pick:

^^ Not sure why Food and Ore need to be linked together when making changes. Ore has lots of uses but got a nerf which nobody wanted, while the issue with food having no sink was ignored again.

and last but not least, first response to the most recent update:

Food - we need more ways to spend it.


Please sir
get out

Another “here’s hoping 1.0 brings positive change”

v1.0 is now released.

Did they listen?

Did they revamp food?

or give us another way to spend it?

atleast something useful with it?

Oh great, yet another way to BUY food.

Yes because that is exactly what we have been asking for all these months.


It probably is far far away on their roadmap :smiley: along with money sink and kingdoms :smiley:

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Make a new thread, I doubt they’re paying as close attention to this EA thread…

…as they were paying attention to it back in EA.

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