Food has become a dead currency as of version 0.35. Needs an infinite sink

As of version 0.35, the changes to food accumulation has accelerated it to the limited wall currently within the game.

Once all followers are as maxed as they can go, people then spend food on the food offer. Once the guild’s food offer is depleted, there is nothing left to use food on.

There is an ever increasing issue as many end game players hit the follower limit that is causing there to be absolutely nothing to use food on, in the very literal sense in that it is literally impossible to use food on anything (asides from constantly guild hopping and buying their food offer, but pretty sure that isn’t intended and would miss out on other resources).

There needs to be some kind of feature added that allows food to be used.

One way this could be addresses is to make some followers use food to craft whereas others where it makes more sense would use ore instead. The food cost would likely be 2x higher compared to ore cost, where as level 1 would cost 120 food to craft and a level 50 would cost 512 food.

For example, followers that would likely use food to craft include:

  • Stable Master
  • Hunter
  • Locksmith
  • Seneschal

The ones that would still use ore would be:

  • Armorer
  • Artisan
  • Mage
  • Weaponsmith
  • Runesmith

This would solve a few major problems at once:

1: Food would have a use once all followers are “maxed” and guild’s food offer is depleted.

2: Crafters that are considered lower priority would actually get to craft on occasion.

3: Essentially 2x more crafting would be able to be done allowing for a lot more diversity in what is chosen to craft. While there will still be a lot of crafters being stagnant doing nothing, it would help reduce how many crafters are completely idle.

4: Would help sink more gold, something that is severely lacking from version 0.35.


Very well said would love to see this or somthing similar. As you you Tacet I’m at that point all my followers are at max without more Crystal’s and soon you and LeLouch will be in the same boat, I can almost buy the whole thing by myself at this point… they definitely need to look into this soon for everyones sake!


Good thoughts, but I’m skeptical that crafting rates will be tweaked that much further.

Pretty sure the devs are designing this system to force players to have to choose where and when to spend resources. It’s a roundabout way for creating a time gate/sink. For example, if a player is chasing Epic spells on Xione at maximum speed, then that player is likely not going to have the resources to chase other things at the same time. If a player wants to spread their ore over multiple followers at the same time, then their overall progression rates towards things they want are going to be slower/take longer.

I’m curious to see if the upcoming Events in 0.36 will answer these questions. For example, food could be used as a proxy for energy for additional Event runs, and so on.

Gold is essentially a dead currency now as well for many players. Any gold expenditures is easily made up through gameplay and that’s even with the dungeon altars still not giving the right payouts.

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Eveline still makes keys, and the iron and gold ones have to come from ore. Iron is literally found as ore, and gold nuggets are also called ore. There is a metallurgic reason Eveline needs ore.

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The issue with Eveline using ore is that 0.35 changes made it so she is now the only use for ore. Ore is now wasted on anything that isn’t Eveline 24/7 crafting.