Where is the Ore?

Before the last update, I was able to steadily improve my followers and craft gear that I was not getting from normal methods, i.e. chest/skirmishes, etc. After the update: Ore is halved in production, I can no longer craft as intended by the followers design, and loot from chest is still the same (except less chance of ore).

The issue is not having a way to spend Food, not Ore; ore usage was just fine. The forums and game chat all describe issues with food, not Ore. Please give us back Ore or replace the need to use it so often. The amounts required in game does not reflect how much a follower can produce. Additionally, it’s a Mobile game so we shouldn’t be expected to farm dungeons & skirmishes all day just to craft. Help us out here.


It is especially frustrating as the pre-0.36 Ore production was the result of the choice by the developer to double the rate because they determined (I guess!) that it was too low. So typically in terms of balance, if something was too low at first, but in their view too high just before, you usually aim somewhere in the middle; not revert back to the previous rate that supposedly was too low.

As you say, the reduction to Ore could have been offset if they decided to address the issue with Food. Taking away half the food production doesn’t resolve the issue that Food is still practically a dead currency, even for players who have been playing a short amount of time. Every time you get food from a chest, that’s an opportunity lost for some other item of value. The Kingdom Food Deal is still a survival of the earliest (after reset) and fosters animosity and frustration about current kingdom benefits. Lots of good ideas have been tossed around about where food expense could be reallocated. It’s a shame not a single idea was implemented in 0.36


One of the benefits of levelling and evolving followers is that they can produce rarer items, presumably also increase the % chance of actually making those rarer items, but also cuts 1 hour per evolve off their production time.

Only with ore production so painfully low now with the 0.36 update I struggle to keep one levelled follower active to the exclusion of all else. Why have 9 followers capable of producing stuff reliant on ore, when ore production can keep maybe only 1 working?

I’m not sure why ore and food production seem to be so tied together, when they get upgraded in one patch, and downgraded in the next. All the comments in game pointed out the problem was solely with food and the still unaddressed issue is there is no unlimited use for it. Occasionally you can level up a follower for a bit, then inevitably hit a crystal limit and only have the daily bazaar deal to use food on - if you are fast enough.

0.36 reduced food production, but didn’t tackle the issue of there still being nothing to use it on for most players. Whether the current rate is good or bad will really depend on what the new sink for it is.

0.36 reduced ore production, which I don’t think anyone wanted, and means the vast majority of crafters are sitting idle 24/7 because they lack the ore to run them. I don’t expect to be able to run all 9 at top level at the same time, but struggling to keep even one rare follower active and 8 sit idle seems a pretty drastic low level.


I don’t want to complain about food and ore when battle & difficulty mechanics are so out of whack, but Avenger makes a really good point. My additional complaint on followers is how useless they are to new players who are still grinding the story.

For reference, I have one lv 50 character with a gear score of 1336 who recently squeaked by the last fight of chapter 11 on ‘normal’ difficulty. My primary need is stronger gear to finish the story, so all of my ore is spent on my Kingdom’s ore deal trying to get shards for leveling gear.

Not one of my followers is of any use to me beyond the passives they provide to inventory space, because what they can craft (at their current level) doesn’t provide me with anything relevant to what I need. I could direct some them to craft and then break down the items for shards, but all I’m going to get is shards I can’t use. They are all capped at level 15 (or 5 for the most recent ones) and I can’t level them up without getting more crystals - good luck to me acquiring those any time soon.

This has been the situation of my followers since day 1 - not a single one of them is able to craft me anything useful. They are a meaningless and wasted resource and have never been anything other than a food sink to raise them to a level cap I progressed past the first day I started playing.

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Hey, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply!

I just wanted to leave a quick note that feedback about the Followers has been passed onto the team and the Followers are still undergoing some balancing so there’ll be further changes and tests to the Follower balancing during this Early Access phase.

you want my opinion? Adhakus output should be quadrupled. more than 250 ore every hour. No one would complain about keeping their followers busy and extra for ore deal. It’s a shame he is producing only 80 per hour.

I want to craft spells, ore shards, or weapons, or accessories. anything that helps my account and characters more forward. But Im not able to right now.

Even more so that you guys put follower crystals in the new event area at such a high reach. need more than 2k gearscore to be able to reliably get follower crystals. so our only method right now is RNG from Eveline crafts for more crystals. Not sure why the balance is so off.

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It’s less than that. Level 45 Adhakus produces 54 Ore/hour. I believe a Level 35 Adkhakus is only 44 Ore/hour (not sure on this one but I believe his increment is now currently 1 Ore/hour per level)

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It was barely passable with .35 rate of ore. Ore unlike food has multiple areas of value. Drop rates of ore in chests is also very low even in lvl 100 chests.

Noone in game would be sad about 3x or 4x ore generation rate

Except the developers apparently. Never let it be forgotten that they doubled the Ore rate in 0.35 and then reduced it back to what it was originally in 0.34. No middle ground.


not sure who on the team thought .35 had TOO MUCH ORE. Too much food? sure. But that’s because the only thing food is good for is leveling up followers. It isnt a crafting material or currency otherwise outside of kingdom food deal.

It’s now 2 and half months since the ore drought began.

Adhakus continued to chip away at the stone walls, convinced he should be getting better with experience, yet producing half what he used to. After 6 hours of work, at full capacity he leaves the mine with enough resources for one other L35 follower to craft a single item. They will complete their item in 3 hours, half the time it takes Adhakus to extract that ore.

Meanwhile all the other followers sit idle, looking on in envy at the “chosen one” who actually got to do something productive.

It is made marginally less disappointing knowing that even if I was able to sustain more followers being active I would still have nowhere to store any decent items they made.

Brie on the other hand sits looking at the full stockpile of food she has produced. No one coming to collect what she makes any more, because it seems there is no room to store it, despite her being fairly sure we unlocked a Citadel… five times… but no, there’s no room at the inn.


If only we could donate surplus food toward game development. Maybe like 350 trillion food and we get an update?

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I would not suggest that. The update would inevitably reduce our storage space.

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