Exchange Ore in something else

I always have way to much Ore. At the moment I can hold 2800 Ore and it’s mostly full. So it would be nice, if Ore can be exchanged in something else like gold or so. Or maybe more shop offers, which can be paid with Ore. Now, whenerver I open a chest it says “you reached max Ore”.

I have the weapons and armors I want, so for what should I spend it? btw, there’s more than enough weapons and armors in the chests, so I have not really a use for a blacksmith.

I let Grungli use the Ore to make Shards, but for now he only need 80 Ore for 5 hours work. That means I have enough Ore for 175 hours! That’s more than a whole week!

Later on you can also use ore with Resh, the follower you get from doing the season 1.3 story. Major Gifts and above can give glyphs.
Do you have Mutiny yet? She can craft loot tickets which come in handy (Dungeon loot tickets at least)

I have all the followers from the story and 122 normal loot tickets and 69 dungeon loot tickets. And with Mutiny it is the same as with Grungli. She can work for over a week until I run out of Ore.

Everytime I have excess ore I craft weapons with Soulchaser. If I get repeated weapons I salvaged them to get weapon shards, which I am always in need of.

But this is a massive waste of Gold (imo). Soulchaser will take at least 780 Gold for producing a weapon and for salvaging you get somewhat around 3-5 Shards for a common weapon. In the store I can buy 160 Weapon Shards for 800 Gold. To get the same amount from salvaging you have to produce at least 32 common weapons (when each one gets you 5 Shards) what cost you 24.960 Gold!!!

I agree with you that the gold needed is a lot (in my case it takes 3k gold per craft). However, I am always gold capped so that is not a problem for me.