Got an idea for Grungli

…and this will be a win-win, trust me.

Once you get to a certain point in this game, Grungli is, well, kind of useless. We don’t need more shards.
So what is an irritable dwarf to do…?

AND, seemingly unrelated, once some followers get to level 50, their crystals are, well, kind of useless.

At level 50, Grungli gets the ability to take two follower crystals and refine/reforge them into a different one! Obviously, this will cost something; that’s up to others to decide
What do you think?


Its not a bad idea, could backfire though if the devs add uses for all the follower’s crystals, which I think is likely to happen one day.

Alternatively what if instead of ore as his primary cost, he used gold as his primary cost? That would make him alot more popular and also help with the lack of gold options that many players complain about.


Thanks for the quick reply and feedback.
But even if the devs have ideas for extra crystals, wouldn’t it be great to have another option? I see it as similar to Eveline’s ability to change tier IV relics…

Sure, it would be a cool option to have available.

I actually made a post about this a while ago, and I’ve just updated it, since Toragon/Gemka/Soulchaser have been reworked. I’ve also tweaked the others’ a bit too, let me know what you think:

Sorry, ed, didn’t mean to plagiarize.

Not at all, that version is actually newer than your post; it was your post that inspired me to update my original.

The more people ask for these changes the better.