Northelm and Gear Space (Vault Space)

It’s long been a problem and I’m glad you’re addressing it in some way but here’s my 2 cents.

I decided to make a new thread for Northelm and about the way he is now able to increase inventory space. I’m sure you’ve done the numbers and decided this is the way to go and I’m not surprised given the way you have made adjustments to some of the other followers. One person in our Kingdom was happy as they could now use their excess Northelm crystals. Unfortunately I am not one of these people and am left disappointed with the situation for myself.

I signed up with the community forums one year and three months ago, so I probably started one year and four months ago. In this time I have bought every single random crystal offered to me in the game as well as every crystal in the shop and more recently all crystals in the bazaar. I have been purchasing Tier 2 in the three day events for a very long time as a way to get wooden marks for the follower crystals that can be bought with them. When I was less powerful I would use a 50 gem revive to get follower crystals in the daily challenges too. I realised right from the start that followers are important and have worked hard to upgrade them.

Despite doing all of this I am still 12 follower crystals short from even getting Northelm to level 50, let alone having extra crystals to use to expand my gear space . By some bizarre quirk of the RNG I have Adakas at level 50 AND already have nine extra crystals for him. I incidently don’t have any other follower to level 50 either and most of them are closer to level 50 than Northelm. Because of the way this is playing out I have pretty much stopped buying any crystals in the daily deals or bizarre for a couple of weeks now because I figure that I will still get everyone to 50 (except the last few followers) by buying random ones before Northem gets to level 50. Of course I’d buy Northelm crystals if they showed up.

Assuming my RNG luck stays the same (and my maths was correct in working this out) I’m looking at another 9 months before I get Northelm to 50 and even longer to be able to use crystals to increase my storage. That’s one very sad face emoji to insert here. Given my past habits it looks like most of my fallen gear is heading for the bin to make way for the new season gear just so I can make more season goals.

Overall it would be nice to have Northelm still give more gearspace before getting him to level 50.