23 Euros for 10 gear/spell/minion slots?

Really? How many months the community has adressed we need more slots to play the game in a proper way, especially for gear?

You have released new gear with every season so far and you have never ever been willing to change one coded value to do the community a favor with free slots so far? Even I have dropped in to this topic with “one slot for every gear of every color” and besides this any other bidding from so many long time players has been ignored.

So what makes you think I would spend ONE cent for such an offer?


That’s not 10 gear slots, unless he’s already level 50, it’s more like 6 for most people. Even more insulting.

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In one of the first livestreams for the game in EA we were told they were NOT going to sell inventory space. I guess technically they aren’t. But, ummmm, they kinda are.

My personal feeling (even though I am that person who always gets a northelm crystal on every random draw) is that gear/spell/minion space should go up automatically with each season. At least gear space. Minions are crowded but largely disposable. Spells are not really crowded too badly.

Not saying it’s a good deal, but if you don’t have level 50 northelm and don’t know the conversion rate, you can’t judge the value properly. Each northerhelm level grants 5 slot prior to 50. Assuming most people are stuck at level 45+ northelm, you can say it is 2 levels or 10 slot. However after level 50, Each crystal is 10 gear slot fro 255 through 355 and each crystal is 5 slot for 355 through max which is about 975 I think. The 10 crystal helps you reach 50 faster which will open up the good conversion rate. So it’s either stuck several months at the mercy of rng or get there faster using real life money

I’m pretty sure that 45+, at least, only gives 3 slots, not 5, I haven’t been able to upgrade him in ages, but I remember being really disappointed when I got to 46.

Its been a while since my Northelm been under 50 so my number may be off alittle. My previous reply did not have the game open. so for 50 level you get 150 slot, so it makes sense that each level is +3 slot. Anyway since it takes 5 level or 25 crystal to move to max level 50 where the good crystal to slot conversion rate is at, paying that amount nets you 40% of progress. It’s up to each person to see if its value is there.
One way to increase the value is to have the developer reduce the amount of crystal needed for a follower to level after hitting level 45. If crystal count is reduced from 5 to 3, there you will see overall huge increase in this value and would be 66% of progress.
Developer also need to rework the remaining followers, as only the reworked followers have any use of extra crystal after hitting 50. Maybe this can be patched on future follower rework and refund any crystal that have been used when level to 45+