Follower suggestion #3

So, I know I’ve posted a couple of topics before about reworking followers, but I thought I should redo the list since the launch of 3.1.5.

It’s still for the same reason; a lot of the followers don’t really offer anything after level 45, and once they’re at level 50 their crystals become useless. Hopefully you’ll all agree that the ideas below would remedy this.

Merge 2 unwanted follower crystals into 1 desired one (as she seems to be chief follower). This mechanic pairs well with what she can already do with relics.

Add the ability to craft a chest slot for 3 crystals.

Exchange 1 crystal for 1,000 food.

Exchange 1 crystal for 1,000 ore.

Exchange 1 crystal for 500 ore/food cap increase, and a 5,000 gold increase.

Exchange 1 crystal for 2% honour reward boost.

Leave as is, but more pages for her crystal.

Can now store tickets. Exchange 1 crystal for 30 mixed tickets.

Merge 2 unwanted glyphs into 1 desired one (glyphs could be considered “uber-shards”).

Give her her own version of The Forge (Kennel?) where players can craft/upgrade minions (although the “sacrifice” utility might mean feeding minions to other minions…).

Exchange 1 crystal for 10,000 gold.

A simplified version of the forge, where runes & scrolls (and minions’ equivalents if they arrive with the minion update?) can be crafted. The cost of crafting would depend on the tier you’re crafting. 1/2/3 Darkhunter’s crystal could be exchanged for a decent-sized bundle of random epic/legendary/mythic items, respectively.

Exchange 1/2/3/4/5 crystals to select the tier of gift.

I feel that these changes would give a lot of players a reason farm for crystals, or buy them from the shop, and would also continue to keep the game interesting.


Yeah, this is much better than my suggestion. I didn’t notice this one, otherwise I would have deferred to you.

Some good thoughts here,

I think gong will ruin pvp and make it an uneven play style, more chest slots would be nice but there would need to be some limit, ive over 30 crystals and just the thought of 10 more slots is thrilling i think it will ruin things, to much of something is not allways good, imagine statting a day opening 20 diamond hunt chest wow

I would like a key maker myself


That’s a good point.

I’ve changed the Gong entry to a boost in honour rewarded, so that it’s still PvP-related.

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