[MAY CONTAIN SPOILER] Some follower needs improvement and adjust

In current version followers work passively and drift away from core game experience, all you need to do is sending order and wait for result. They should interact with main gameplay more frequently, allow players get increased profit from actively playing the game rather than AFK and wait.
AND, we lack the reason to upgrade many followers. We’re punished harder and harder if we level them, it needs to be fixed.
My ideas are listed below:

Crafters: make them all take 4 or 5 hours to craft, rather than reduce by rarity, for balance reasons.

Seneschal: She act as a guide of player’s party and coordinate all followers, she should provide Experience Bonus depends on rarity.

Farmer and Miner: They produce over time, quite good, but still need some boost for active play i think.
They should get Loot Bonus when leveling, give a percentage bonus on quantity of food and ore you looted from chests.

Guard: He shouldn’t supervise minion and spell vault. Instead, make him expand the gear vault by 5 per level and 5 per rarity, result in a max 300 slot gear vault.

Mystery: Good enough, don’t need any adjust.

Bard and Locksmith: Same as above, but i think they should get some event-related bonus later for more uniqueness.

Merchant: Just remove her negligible passive gold production and give her a chance to DOUBLE the gold found after combat and from chest, depend on rarity. May also get a passive that affect kingdom bazaar such as bargain for discount.

Mage: She should be the supervisor of spell vaults, and raise its capacity when leveling an evolving. +5 per level and +5 per rarity (300 total) should be sufficient. Also give her a new ability: AUTO-UPGRADE.
Auto Upgrade mechanic give mage a chance to auto-upgrade spells from craft or chest by a few levels, based on her level and rarity. Also give her a small chance to RAISE THE RARITY of spells from craft or chest, chance is based on level, rarity, and item rarity.
Auto-Upgraded items will have a follower icon to indicate they’re upgraded by them.

Stablemaster: She should be the supervisor of minion vaults. +2 per level and +5 per rarity (150 total) should be sufficient. Also allow her to AUTO-UPGRADE minions as mage does.

Runesmith: Give him a new passive, which have a small chance to find EXTRA shard drop from chest, as if he did an instant-and-free craft.

Hunter: Same as above.

Weaponsmith, Armorer and Artisan: Three gear crafters needs more love than others.
FIRST: give them ability to IDENTIFY items in your vault that fits their profession, unlocked at uncommon. They can only identify items with lower rarity. Identify will uncover as much gear’s hidden informations as possible. Price depends on rarity gap.
Example: you have a RARE artisan and get a common ring. You can pay artisan to identify it, reveal what it will get at RARE rarity, same as the rarity of artisan. Affect both mastery, affixes and passives.
SECOND: also give them AUTO-UPGRADE mechanic.

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Nearly every crafter follower needs buff, but I do strongly disagree with 1 suggestion.

There are quite a few crafters that would be very beneficial with a 1 hour timer at mythic. The most noteworthy 2 would be Eveline and Locksmith. Both of their rewards gives the player a chance at ores, which drastically reduces their ore cost allowing both to potentially sustain the 1 hour crafting cycle when combined with a few other chests.

Reason: All improvement i suggest aimed at more active playstyle.

I just thought they’re overpowered if they take that less time to craft. I think lock the time used at 3-5 hours may help balancing their income to prevent players from just play the game passively, sit and wait, and all rewards comes automatically.
5 hours may prove too long though, I admit it.

I personally think that Mystery should be available much earlier, or have the ability swapped with Seneschal, in order to prevent issues a lot of early game players have where they keep getting capped out on food, ore, and gold, but can’t increase their storage because they haven’t progressed.

It’s really frustrating that they made it harder to balance by tying story specifically to what followers you obtain.

This issue can be easily solved by raise the initial cap of food and ore. Just raise them to 300 and 150.