[GUIDE] Followers and Their Purposes

To avoid any spoilers I will only list them based on their job as written in game, not by their name. Mostly I just write their in-game information too or just try to simplify them.

Obtained by default → Seneschal:

  • Other followers level depend on her level.
  • Craft random keys

Scroll Color (For upgrading to Epic and above): Yellow

End of Chapter 1 → Armorer:

  • Craft random armors

End of Chapter 2 → Guard:

  • Increase Gear, Spell, and Minion inventory space by 1 per level.
  • Increase Chest inventory slots by 1 per rarity upgrade

Scroll Color (For upgrading to Epic and above): Blue

End of Chapter 3 → Farmer:

  • Produces Food per hour
  • Number of hours of Food can be stored increases per rarity upgrade

Scroll Color (For upgrading to Epic and above): Green

End of Chapter 4 → Miner:

  • Produces Ore per hour
  • Number of hours of Ore can be stored increases per rarity upgrade

End of Chapter 5 → Mystery:

  • Increase Food capacity
  • Increase Ore capacity
  • Increase Gold capacity per rarity upgrade

End of Chapter 6 → Bard:

  • Increases PvP stats (Power, Vitality, Masteries)
  • Extra Tourney Token per day per rarity upgrade.

End of Chapter 7 → Artisan:

  • Craft random accessories

End of Chapter 8 → Mage:

  • Craft random spells

(An important follower IMO since you can get various spells from other classes too. I also still don’t know whether you can get all spells in the game by leveling 5 hero classes to 50 or you can only get certain spells from crafting & chests)

End of Chapter 9 → Weaponsmith:

  • Craft random weapons

End of Chapter 10 → Locksmith:

  • Craft Skirmish or Dungeon Loot Ticket
  • There is small chance percentage of creating two tickets instead of one.
  • Leveling up will increase the chance for Dungeon Loot Tickets

End of Chapter 11 → Runesmith

  • Craft random shards (all kinds of shards: weapon, armor, accessory, spell, and minion shards)

End of Chapter 12 → Stable Master

  • Craft random minion

End of Chapter 13 → Merchant

  • Coin Bonus +0.5%
  • Produces 100 Gold per hour
  • Can store 1 hour of Gold

(Yeah it’s useless - I just write the stats since I believe I don’t plan to upgrade this one in a very long time)

End of Chapter 14 → Hunter

  • Craft random Rune or Scroll
    (Yup this one is very useful for evolving items and most importantly your followers)

Cost of Evolving Followers:
Common → Uncommon = 4 Uncommon Scrolls + 2000 Coins
Uncommon → Rare = 4 Rare Scrolls + 5000 Coins
Rare → Epic = 4 Specific Color Epic Scrolls + 10000 Coins

Hopefully this information helps. :slight_smile:


Was wondering what hunter would do. That seems so extremely strong if he creates 1/4 an upgrade every 6 hours, at least for the uncommon upgrades for everything.

Are the food upgrade costs the same for every follower at every level?
Level 1 → Level 2 = 100 Food
Level 2 → Level 3 = 150 Food

Yes. He’s the most useful crafter in my opinion at least for now.

Yes I believe so.
Also the crafting cost for the crafters is the same too (starting from 60 ores & 60 coins).

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Do we know yet if Eveline has to be made uncommon before everyone else can become uncommon, or can all the more important level 10 followers become uncommon before her?

Sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to try it.
Hopefully other players can share their experience. :slight_smile:

I just completed chapter 14.

One thing to note about the hunter is he actually can craft up to rare at level 1. Not only are both the uncommon and rare ones exceedingly useful, but this also means he can stay unupgraded for quite some time.

He is the only follower who starts with the ability to craft up to rare instead of uncommon. This is likely because all followers do the 2 lowest rarities, and for what he crafts there is no common rarity.

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Yes, I think it’s better not to upgrade him for a while considering that on level 1, there are 4 useful items can be crafted (Uncommon scroll, rare scroll, uncommon rune & rare rune).
I think players will need more scrolls (to upgrade followers especially) but in my experience, chests give you more runes instead of scrolls.
So maybe it’s better to gather as many uncommon & rare scrolls that you need first before evolving him.
Because by evolving him, I assume he can later craft 4+5+5 = 14 different items - which makes the possibility of him dropping uncommon & rare scrolls will be slimmer.

Just a heads up, Eveline ALSO has to be ascended before all other characters can be ascended.

It makes sense, but is rather unfortunate.

Devs may want to clarify that a bit in game as it isn’t stated that clearly that it is level AND ascension.

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After 2 weeks of playing I concluded my thought about the followers.
I made a rank of usefulness for them, hope it helps.

Seneschel - You have to level her to raise the level and rarity cap of other followers. It’s mandatory.
Farmer - Produces FOOD for follower upgrade. No reason to skip.
Miner - Produces ores for other crafters. No reason to skip, but priority is slightly lower than farmer.
Mystery - BIGGER RESOURCE CAPACITY. Must upgrade.
Guard - MORE ITEM AND CHEST VAULT. Must upgrade.

Better put some resource tier:
Weaponsmith - Since everything he craft are WAY HARDER to obtain than any other items, you’d better put some resource for him.
Runesmith - Everyone need shards. A lot of shards.
Locksmith - “Craft” loot tickets, which means more marks and chests. Chests are the most important thing in PQ3, right?
Hunter - You will need many scrolls and runes to evolve everything. Yes, you may also loot them from chests, but its always not enough.

Situational tier:
Bard - Give extra pvp token every day and raise your status in PvP. Upgrade if you wanna do that many times.
Mage - Craft spells. If you don’t like playing multiple characters, she is the only way to get other class’s spells. (Chest only provide your class spells, and dungeon chest also provide dungeon specific spells)
Merchant - Provide coin bonus, so you can earn more coins from everywhere. Upgrade her if you feel coin was always not enough. Her coin production is negligible.

Can be safely ignored tier:
Armorer - Provide gears. You get many gears from chests already.
Artisan - Provide accessories. You get many accessories from chests already.
Stable Master - Provide minions. You get many minions from chests already.

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Mage should absolutely be one tier higher or even two. It gives you a consistent source of new spells, which you normally get only through high level chests. The Mage’s drop table can:

  • Craft (I think) higher rarity spells which have higher base abilities (an Uncommon Smokebomb explodes more gems for example),
  • Craft duplicates of existing spells you want to run multiple of (like Blackjack)
  • Craft multiple copies of spells you want to use to upgrade rarity (probably the only reliable way to get an Epic or higher spell)
  • Craft spells that you only can obtain from drops such as Channel Darkness or Divine Smite.

I also think the Merchant’s negligible gold income places it in the tier where it can be safely ignored, since spending Food on it is not as helpful.

Situational is the reason I put them here, not because they’re weak.

The reason I put mage here was the storage capacity of spell vault and the randomness. Chests always give you class spells, and she give you every possible spells in game. Yes she is useful in getting many spells, but her usefulness is highly luck based, and require a large vault to operate well.
Merchant get +0.5% coin bonus every level, so the usefulness depends on how frequently you play, and how frequently you spend gold.

I personally have four Followers at Uncommon now. They are:

  • Seneschel since you can’t raise followers otherwise.
  • Guard for the extra chest slot.
  • Mystery so I can increase capacity.
  • Mage so I can get Rare spells occasionally as drops from her.

My order to prioritize next is probably:

  • Farmer to make food easier.
  • Miner to help keep up with the costs of units.
  • Hunter to help with upgrading followers.
  • Bard to get additional Honor.

I’m leaving the Locksmith at low level currently but still spend ore on it since it’s essentially free loot. Eventually worth upgrading late game since once they’re fixed Dungeon tickets will be really useful.

Has anyone datamined the color for every follower yet?

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Since somehow I cannot edit my post further,
I’ll post additional information here.
Cost of Evolving Followers:
Common → Uncommon = 4 Uncommon Scrolls + 2000 Coins
Uncommon → Rare = 4 Rare Scrolls + 5000 Coins
Rare → Epic = 4 Specific Color Epic Scrolls + 10000 Coins
Epic → Legendary = 4 Specific Color Legendary Scrolls + 1 Glyph + 20000 Coins
Legendary → Mythic = 4 Specific Mythic Legendary Scrolls + 2 Glyphs + 50000 Coins

Scroll Color:
Seneschal = Yellow
Guard = Blue
Farmer = Green
Miner = Red (Credit to Tacet :slight_smile: )
Mystery = Yellow

Seneschal can craft Diamond keys after you upgrade her to Lv. 50 - NO NEED to evolve her to Mythic to unlock this ability. Upgrading her to Mythic will only change her craft time from 2 hours to 1 hour.

Hopefully someone can datamine these scroll colors soon.


Anyone determined the scroll color for the Miner?

Miner uses red scrolls.


Can anyone plz list where I can find the special gem or crystal to evolve followers?