All 15 Follower Guide and Tier List

I just covered a guide on YouTube going over all the followers as of version 0.34 in Puzzle Quest 3. Went over upgrading priority, what they do, and an overall tier list for all of them.

For any that just want to see the tier list itself, here it is:

The video further elaborates on most of their placement. They are also based on the current state of the game and on first 0-500 hour usefulness, as many of them by 1000 hours+ and full launch could be placed a bit differently, especially if/when all ore crafters get buffed.


I made an updated list for version 0.35. Will likely continue to do this for fun just to see how follower priority progresses.

Main noteworthy changes to mention as of version 0.35 include:

  • Darkhunter is now useless. It is impossible to upgrade anything and scrolls are no longer needed for followers.

  • Miner having 2x more ore makes him a lot better.

  • Gong is now higher value from the easier accessibility of the restricted tournaments.

  • Mage’s drop table is a lot more concentrated now, dropping based on level of hero opened on + dungeon drops. To minimize it to almost just dungeon drops, open her craft on a level 1 account. This removes nearly every class spell from her drop table.

  • Stable Master has better value due to higher rarity drops yielding higher upgrading material, all of which helps feed pets. Guard being easier than ever to reach max chest slots makes her a decent method for increasing chest efficiency.

  • Armorer and Artisan both moved up due to the new salvaging system. Only reason Armorer is higher than Artisan is due to the higher amount of upgrading jewels that he gets.

  • Runesmith is nearly useless now because they didn’t buff his shard creation amount despite upgrading shards being easier to obtain across the entire game.

  • Merchant is still the worst passive follower in the game, but the higher amount of food and lower food amount needed to upgrade makes her a lot less of a waste to upgrade than before.

  • Auri moved down mostly because storage is so high that having slightly more storage is more of a luxury than a necessity most of the time. It is often better going for other upgrades first that give more resources passively, as having her higher level doesn’t increase loot at all in any way.


Great list. I agree with all of your moves. There is almost zero point to darkhunter. We can’t upgrade at the moment


And of course, Eveline and Northelm retain S tier because they’re required to do everything else for the other followers.


Awesome update @Tacet. I think you are spot on in your weightings. Much appreciated.

Given the changes to the manner of levelling and evolving followers, I was curious how the framework functions and where each follower would be based on how a player pursued progression of the 5 classes. Before the update, there was no need to level all classes as it related to follower progression but now that has changed entirely.

EDIT: 5/31/2021
This post has been updated based on the 0.35 Server Push update that changed how crystals were rewarded for sidequests from the original 0.35 update.

I put together the following chart-in-progress (many thanks to @Elric for the help on mapping each Chapter!) that shows which Chapters have which sidequests and therefore which attainable follower crystals as well as the max evolution that can be achieved based on the number of class storyline playthroughs:

A couple of observations:

  • Followers will not achieve Legendary rarity (with the exception of Eveline) without additional crystals from sources referred to in the patch notes
  • existing players received a benefit by virtue of the fact that the crystals that were mailed out were based on player chapter completions without regard to the existing rarity of their followers (e.g. if you had an Epic follower at the update, then you have 10 extra crystals related to that follower as a result)

  • The Eveline crystals referred to in the patch notes that are awarded as Chapter completions are awarded every 3 Chapters (Chapters 3,6,9,12,15) which means a complete storyline run-through would yield 5 extra Eveline Crystals. This means that Eveline can be evolved to Mythic after 5 complete playthroughs.

Hopefully this will help to answer the questions that we are commonly seeing now like “When can I get Auri crystals” and “What chapter are Northelm crystals”. Please provide feedback and identify any errors that you see in the chart and I will update as needed.



Thanks for compiling this!

One thing that is slightly weird about the current ore economy is that the upgrading material outside of side quests is so rare, that efficient ore use for this version of the game is 100% going into Eveline. I am currently accumulating data on her overall drop table at level 50, but it seems like she gives around 1 crystal every 1-2 days (seems to take around 20-30 drops).

This causes ore to essentially have to go 100% into Eveline until every follower, or at least all the good ones, are level 50 mythic.

Big issue right now is crystal drops DO NOT stop dropping for followers that are level 50 maxed.

Agreed, my Eveline has been running regularly now compared to pre-0.35 and I would say that I’m now at about 20 key productions with 2 crystals received (an Adakhus and a Grungli). Also I’m not sure what your experience has been but Wooden Keys have been non-existent since I upgraded to Mythic. Not sure if that is just RNG or an actual reduction of likelihood of receiving the lesser keys based on a modified loot table based on Eveline rarity.


Same I haven’t gotten a wooden key since I upgrader her to mythic.

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So does that mean Evilene is an SS or even SSS tier or something?

I’ve updated the Side Quest Chart to reflect the Server Push 0.35 changes.


Bump for those looking for this


Upping this as I’ve had a few people asking me lately about the chart as a guide for follower levelling.

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This list was made about a month ago now, but at this point I think I’d definitely move Brie down a tier unless something changes.

I am slowly putting more ore into the crafters in C tier, in hopes of getting some Epics, since I’ve decided to just stop trying to get Crystals from Evelyn and wait for v0.36 to get more. I’ve had some decent rares but nothing too good yet.

Yeah, the food economy is very strange currently, because it is a currency that has no purpose once all followers are maxed until they add one into the game.

Would mostly advise against this. Only uncommon weapons matter now, uncommon also work for armor and accessories now too, and chests still give way more than all the epics that are ever needed.

Side crafters won’t be viable until they can create their legend at 1% chance at level 50, as eventually anything that isn’t a legend will likely become useless due to how the ascension system is (costs around half a mythic upgrade to get a epic to legend).

There is a chance Eveline needs to be moved up to S+, as if a person has the time to check the game nearly every hour it would give the best ore value in the game by a rather large margin.

I do sleep :eyes: :rofl: but, I have to say this is true. I am a militant Eveline farmer (while awake) and I think I may have more keys than Dog at this point. I don’t USE them much now… because reasons. But they are piling up.

Edit: removed the second part of my comment because even I had trouble understanding what I meant. haha

Good advice, since Sirrain mentioned on his stream that chest rewards are getting a buff in 0.36.

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I totally missed that during the stream. Glad to hear it. Only diamond and gold seem really bad. Ruby is usually something decent. Usually something I don’t want, haha, but thats another topic.

Found the clip where it was mentioned, it makes it pretty clear that it’s getting adjusted: Twitch

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nono… totally believed you the first time! I’m an older person, so i have zero trouble admitting I just missed it (that used to be a thing!) . Looking forward to the fix.

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Here is the update tier list for version 0.36:

Guard: Moved up to S+ with Eveline. Asides from all the usual reasons he is the best follower in the game, he also got a 2x storage buff.

Eveline: Now that the way to get follower crystals has been added to the game, they are still accumulated glacially slow. Eveline drops these crystals at the same rate. Octoghoul also got nerfed, making her key generation the most consistent source of keys in the game and ideally the only thing ore should ever be used on, assuming playing active enough to do so.

Miner: Has his ore production reduced by 2x despite being buffed by 2x the previous patch. Ironically, this makes it more enticing to upgrade as it is now even harder to produce the ore needed to use followers, so any increase is much needed.

Gong: Now that weapons can 1 shot in PvP, the extra stats for PvP is more needed than ever to deal a 1 shot and survive a 1 shot.

Weaponsmith: Now that weapons deal a billion damage (almost not an exaggeration) as of version 0.36, Weaponsmith has moved up to A tier as the best non-Eveline crafter. His shields also give accessory shards now, making him the only crafter with a dual focus.

Locksmith: Now that dungeons are pointless to do anymore asides from the daily rewards or raising their level cap, Locksmith has become the only realistic way to do max difficulty dungeons in any sane amount of time. Should be perpetually crafting if only checking the game a few times per day.

Stable Master: Now that sushi day has come, Stable Master is more useful than ever to secure high key chance pets. Main two to look out for is Pussbag and Snack Rat. The storage increase on Guard also makes it so all epic+ pets can now be kept due to the shear amount of space, many of which can outpace even the best key chance ultra rare pets.

Farmer: Food is an F tier resource due to nothing to use it on, but she is still needed to upgrade all other followers quicker and to compete in the literal guild wars over the food deal.

Dragon: Usefulness unchanged. More storage is always good.

Merchant: Still the worst passive follower. Gold has gotten ever so slightly more useful, but it still around the same level as food.

Armorer: Most armor perks got nerfed out of existence in 0.36 doing what is the equivalence of nothing. Chests still give more than enough armor, especially now that specific armor means even less except for a few.

Mage: Nothing has been done about 0.35 making multiple of spells useless. Almost every spell has gotten a mana increase while falling behind the damage rate of weapons.

Artisan: Suffers many of the same issues as Armorer, except now her accessory shards can just be obtained while attempting for weapons off of Weaponsmith instead.

Runesmith: Still hasn’t gotten a buff to number of shards created despite 0.35 salvaging system making him useless. Crafting with a specific crafter and guild’s ore deal are both more efficient than using him to craft.

Hunter: Number of scrolls/runes needed to upgrade stuff has been reduced in 0.36. Now the infinite number of runes/scrolls from chests are consumed even slower, making Hunter the worst crafter in the game for 2 patches straight.