0.35 Server Push (Small Fixes and Changes)

A small patch has been pushed to the game-servers to fix a few of the issues from Update 0.35 with collecting Crystals and Gems. We’ve also removed Fluxes & sent out a small gift.

Greetings adventurers! We have been listening to your feedback on our changes to the game in Update 0.35. In this update, we changed the resources required to upgrade your Followers by introducing Crystals and changed the way upgrading works by introducing Relics. These changes were made to help improve the whole process of upgrading collectible items. We also made changes to Spells so they work with the Class they are earned for and make playing each Class a more unique experience.

We’ve pushed some new changes live after listening to your feedback. Please restart your game to see the following:

  • Sidequest rewards have been adjusted, and now each gives 25 Gems for their first-time completion reward per class.
  • Crystals have been removed from most Side-Quests.
    • Crystals are now earned from 3 Side-Quests related to each follower, except for Elyra and Darkhunter, who have less Side-Quests at this time.
    • You will be sent the Crystals for any Side-Quests already completed in the in-game mail.
  • Any Fluxes you owned have been removed from the game and converted to Relics.
    • Rare Fluxes are converted to Lesser Relics, Epic Fluxes to Greater Relics, and Legendary Fluxes to Major Relics.
    • If you owned Fluxes you will be delivered a mail with the replacement Relics.

We saw a lot of feedback about the amount of gems being removed from side quests. We weren’t able to introduce them back in the same quantities, so we added some back in where we could.

We are aware that there are less Crystals being awarded now, but there will be another main way to get this resource that will most likely be introduced with our next update. I say most likely in case of emergency, but we are planning for a new game mode to be released in 0.36 that will be the primary way players can earn both Crystals and Relics. This will bring more Crystals into the game over time than only getting them through side quests, and will give players more access to Relics.

In light of these changes, a global mail will be sent to all players, delivering a gift of 500 Gems - we hope this improves the adjustment period after all these changes!

All this poses more questions than answers.

What happens to all the people that didn’t have the side quests done previously, then did a bunch as of the most recent patch before this hotfix? Several thousand gems would have been lost. 500 gems would be only the smallest fraction of the damage done.

Slightly confused by this. Are the already limited crystals reduced even more?

What about all the people that bought VIP thinking they would get flux, but haven’t gotten flux yet, but the reward was changed to a singular useless crystal? One of the benefits of VIP was assuming there would be an ascension increase in capability, but now we just get a single crystal instead of anything that improves ascension.

I got hosed! Just did an entire class run through of side quests in the last two days. 1,875 gems lost, 500 gained. Ouch!

LOL. Went through a lot of work to make that chart! dangit!

Also doesn’t Darkhunter just have 1 side quest?

So, just checked, and wow is everything involving these crystals and side quests an absolute mess.

Everyone who did all the side quests before 0.35 got ALL the crystals, 100s of wooden keys, and 1000s of gems.

Anyone who did the side quests between 0.35 and this hotfix got ALL the crystals, but none of the wooden keys nor gems.

Now, in the current version of the game, people get SOME of the crystals, SOME of the gems, and NONE of the wooden keys. Basically a mix of all the worst possible things that can be done all combined into one.

I don’t think I can comprehend how ridiculously messed up this all went down in the last week and the current “fix” is worst than doing nothing at all.

So how exactly do I get more crystals so I can level followers?
Are there new side quests that have been added or just updated play through side-quests?
And where are they?
Any information greatly apricated!

Did the match earlier, and in the current state of the game it requires crafting with Eveline around 15 times a day for 3 years to get all the crystals to max all the followers, and that is assuming they patch it so crystals stop dropping on already maxed followers, which currently isn’t a thing. With the changes they just made today, that is now closer to 4 years. It is even more than that if other changes aren’t made.

So I can’t just play through with other classes and expect to level most followers?

This would yield 15 crystals for most followers, and 10 for two of them. 60 are needed to max them. You get 15/60 from follower side quests.

The patch notes are worse than confusing.

They are vague.

Very vague.

I guess the transparency query was listened to and the patch notes became even more vague?

So what is going on now?

A mix of what and what?

That is a hard follower upgrade nerf after just a week of rolling this thing out. Painful.

So for a new player, except for Eveline because of the 15 extra crystals, you would have to do all 5 class playthroughs to be able to get any of the other followers (except Elyra and Darkhunter) to Legendary.

What happened to the current mana bug now?

I’ll add this to first post in a moment, but there will be more ways to get Follower Crystals with our next Update.

There is a new game mode being introduced that will be the primary place to get Crystals AND Relics that will hopefully arrive in 0.36, our next update.

So now players who haven’t completed all the side quests will have less crystals compared to those who have completed all the side quests for 5 different heroes?
And we will only get some gems instead?

What is going on here?
I’m so confused - why make a very drastic change so sudden again?
Maybe I’m just very unlucky.
Every change made by the devs harmed my progress compared to other similar players.
Last time it’s about evolving items.
Now it’s because I haven’t completed some side quests.

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Just updated with this extra information for you all.

@Lelouch I’m sorry to hear this, and we aren’t trying to purposefully hinder anyone.

As we are in early access we will be making changes to the game as we go along. This could be across any feature, resource, or part of the game. We can’t make any guarantees that this won’t affect players moving forward as we try to optimise the game for various parties, such as players, us the devs, and our publishers.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, and I apologise. Where possible we will offer compensation and do what we can, but more changes will come.

I’m almost getting concerned that this new game mode in version 0.36 is going to overshadow the rest of the game. The new game mode will essentially become the game.

It will contain 3/4 of all the crystals needed to max followers, seemingly 99% of the relics needed to ascend anything, and around 99% of the glyphs needed to ascend anything.

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I will say that this setup seems like a more orderly way to handle followers and the reintroduction of the gems to the side quests is a positive thing. I commend you all for that.

Still bummed my chart is now so out of date. Want to be nice and tell me which chapters side quests for each follower give the crystal? :wink:


Ok, so more waiting for the next big update.

And I agree, more and more of the game is starting to fixate on this new feature as there is slowly nothing apart from the achievement that is worth getting in dungeons for advanced players.

And agree, feel a bit shafted because I guess I made the wrong choice in continuing to play or maybe not, so hard to say. Would have been nice if the reimbursement at least had been straight last week but looks like it was for some and not others.

Oh well.

I should amend my math here. If each follower can earn a max of 3 crystals for each playthrough, that only gives you half the crystals you need to get to legendary and leaves Eveline short of getting to mythic by 5 crystals. That actually seems less good. It seems like the right amount should have been 4 crystals per follower per playthrough, especially to allow Eveline to Mythic which is one of the sources of crystals for other followers.

But then there is the mystic new feature that will fix that.

I would argue that until we see and play that all further speculation is moot. Moot squared.