Some caps a bit low (food ore etc)

I understand some of the caps in place for like chest storage in order to encourage use of gems vs scrap. But some caps like food and ore are a bit low. Example when I have a follower upgrading and I cannot use capped materials to upgrade another follower until other upgrade is done. It makes me want to stop playing until done. Because if I receive more material it’s lost. I don’t think you would want a situation where people would stop play due to this.
Love the game though. Played original puzzle quests and looking forward any updates.

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I agree that calls needed training. I just opened a diamond cheesy! But got no good, because it was capped, and got no food. Please warn us (and encourage us to spend gems to increase the cap?). Currently! I think I’m sick. Evaline needs 200 could go upgrade, and I can only store 150. Not sure how to fix that…

Caps need tweaking, rather. Playing on a phone, hard to reach all the text in this text box. Stuck, not sick. You can get the rest from context.

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The follower you gain at the end of Chapter 5 can increase your food storage. If you want to upgrade Eveline before the end of Chapter 5, you can buy Food in excess of the cap with Honor in the Shop.