Food Capacity increase?

I have 5 followers all level 3 and I cannot increase their level until I upgrade Eveline. Eveline requires 200 food, but I’m capped at 150.
At what point in the game does the food cap increase? I am in chapter 5, hero level 17.

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End of chapter 5 increases food and mineral storage. Getting that character to uncommon will also increase gold capacity. It needs to be leveled to at least 7 to get any other follower to a high enough food capacity to get them to 10 as well.

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Thank you. So much good food going to waste until I can clear chapter 5.

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You can temporarily increase Food storage by buying Food with Honor in the shop.

I’ve been waiting until my Food is at 150 cap, then buying enough Food for the next Follower level, rinse and repeat.

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Pretty sure that is a glitch and not a feature.

I hope not. Most games with resource caps will let you exceed the cap when you purchase resources or receive special bonus resources (i.e. not in regular gameplay).

Similarly, if you bought gold with gems or crowns, I would expect the game to let you temporarily exceed the 10,000 cap.

Fair warning to everyone on this.

There is a very significant difficulty spike (more like chasm) in Chapter 5 at the fight that unlocks the capacity extension follower. FYI, the gear score rating for that fight is ~540, which is around level 20 using a full set of level 15-16 gear in all slots.

The dungeon can be cleared with weaker gear, but not much (mine was around 12-13 on average), and a lot of luck (ensuring that no one on the way to the final boss gets off their big damage ability on the player and also some favorable shrine spawns on the way). FYI, the boss’s first active ability is a guaranteed one-shot against the player at that gear level, so use the fight before to prepare for a 1-2 turn setup to one-shot the boss.

Helpful hint: All classes get their primary damage spell upgrade at level 10, which can be transferred to other classes. As the boss is fire elementally aligned, ice elemental attacks are highly effective. For example, the Necromancer’s Hand of Evil direct damage spell was clutch in my clear of the boss fight.

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