[NOT A BUG] Eveline upgrade issue and game freeze

Android Pixel 4 current OS

Trying to upgrade Eveline, can’t upgrade unless I can store more food, but can’t store more food unless I upgrade Brie, but can’t upgrade Brie until I upgrade Eveline. I’m stuck.

Also, occasionally the game will hang after I beat a dungeon or win a battle in pvp after I make my last move and defeat my opponent. Won’t go to the reward screen. Happens maybe 1 in 10.

Brie doesn’t affect your food storage. The “Mystery” follower unlocked after chapter 5 does.

If you want to upgrade Eveline before finishing Chapter 5, earn Honor in PvP to buy food in the Shop in excess of your usual food storage limit.

Got it… Not very obvious from in-game. Thanks for the info!