[Reported] Few issues including follower resource resets when upgrading

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
If you are on a console device please feel free to take a photo using another device. Where possible, a video helps us best. Try uploading it to Youtube privately.

  1. As the title suggests, I had little over an hour worth of food collected by the farmer before upgrading her from 6 to 7. I thought I’d collect it along with the miner ores after upgrading the follower. However, the farmer’s resource was gone and the timer resetted to “collect in 59m 39s”. I was playing the whole hour to see this?? The resource gathering in this game is not the best and I am little more frustrated by this.

  2. whenever I kill an enemy with skills, the counters on all the buffs I have gets reduced by 1. I don’t think this should happen because I didn’t match any gems on the board. The enemy died in the middle of a turn, and the turn should carry over to the next enemy.

  3. when I destroyed blue gems using spin attack, the spin attack and cold snap both gets gem counter. However, when I use cold snap right after spin attack during the same turn without matching any gems, the counter on spin attack disappears while the counter on cold snap remains. This looks like a bug. (I haven’t tried this on cleve yet since my build rotation is now different)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?
I’ve only seen (1) once so far since it happened right before I started to write this. (2) and (3) are consistent that I had to change my build and strategy multiple rimes.

Steps to make it happen again
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.
I already described it in details.

Hey hey!

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback and reporting this bug! I will inform the the Dev Team of the issue.

Much appriciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Well, this happens all the time when you upgrade a follower. You can observe it only on the ones that produce hourly. Not on the others - as you cannot evolve them when they are busy.

Followers upgrading design is quite bad. You do not see what upgrading will give you, instead you get a big popup with follower graphic. You cannot upgrade when they are crafting is other thing that does a little sense.
I believe they should be upgradable similary to minions. You can somehow upgrade minion if it is on a mission or resting. And while upgrading you have full visibility what this few levels will change.