Please double all limits/caps

I am actually ok with inventory limits and resource caps. It would be great if neither existed, but I’m ok with the idea.

But, as implemented both the inventory limits and resource caps are woefully below where they should be.

Every single day I am flushing both food and gold to the void and I am salvaging virtually every piece of gear and minion I find.

Approximately zero people care about minions. (We are soooo glad so many drop btw) But for gear, what joy is getting relics to take things to rare when we have zero room for uncommon things in our gear inventory? I would play that slot machine if I had room to do it. But I don’t.

The caps on gold and food just amplify the lack of things to spend those on. Oh look! Things that will evaporate upon getting! I’m so jazzed! Not.

I think if you double all of this nonsense (Its nonsense) across the board, it will at least get people excited about uncommon to rare evolution and also remove some of the angst from collecting food and gold.

Also for the love of dog… improve ore collection.


The caps need to be reviewed in all cases:
Why is this resource capped?
What does capping it add to the game?

For equipment the storage limit actively puts me off wanting to play.
I am constantly bouncing off the cap, scrapping every single piece of new kit I find, or being forced to scrap an existing item it isn’t fun. Opening a chest from a daily dungeon, then having to go back to storage to scrap something just so I can play another battle. And what is this limit adding to the game?
The only glimmer of optimism here is that in a few updates after repeated feedback they have gradually raised the caps, but with 5 classes (more intended), 15 equipment sets (more intended), set bonuses and promoting different loadouts for different types of battles it is far too restrictive.

Food I’ll link to my recent post which collected other feedback on food. The cap just masks the problem that there is nothing to spend food on.

Ore by comparison is consumed by pretty much every crafter, yet is the slowest to generate after Adhakus got nerfed back in 0.36/37 which nobody wanted and has been painful ever since.

Gold initially appears to have loads of things to spend it on, but you quickly realise that gold is almost never the bottleneck - shards, relics and finally glyphs are the things holding you back, while gold is infinitely farmable. It should also be the easiest to introduce something else to spend it on that can be useful or improve the gameplay.

I’d love to know what the devs ideas were / are behind some of these areas, or why they don’t seem to react on 6+ months of feedback repeating the same points, but that kind of interaction and engagement with players is something I would only expect from an Early Access title.

One suggestion from a few of the past threads that I liked was to make more use of the Citadel. Make it upgradeable, so on the one hand it can be a sink for resources - somewhere to spend resources rather than waste them to an arbitrary cap, but also improve some aspect of the game from investing in it.
Invest in the mines and Adhakus can produce ore faster.
Invest in the fields so Brie can farm more effectively.
Invest in the various workshops so the crafters can have increased odds of better gear or double chance.
Invest in the Citadel to expand storage for equipment or any other limit.
Invest in new buildings - add a market to attract traders with random daily items to buy.
So many possibilities for things to expand it.

Or we could just keep scrapping every item we find, earn 0 gold because we’re on the cap, earn 0 food because we’re on the cap, add some more runes and scrolls to the mountain of them we’ve already got sitting idle as one of the 100+ currencies that rarely get used.


I’d direct you to Salty’s interview of Sirrian, where he discusses several of these topics conceptually:

For the discussion on the gear space limitation, move to 46:20 in the stream. The stream in general is a still a good watch, even if it is a little bit dated at this point.

Personally speaking, given the systems in the game currently, I’d think that the devs’ probable direction towards raising resource projection limits and inventory caps going forward is likely adding duplicate production/inventory followers. A second (or more) Adhakus/Brie/Northelm -like follower for players to either farm or purchase crystals for. This is likely the “middle ground” Sirrian discusses in the stream as an alternative to directly charging players real money exclusively for the right to have additional inventory spaces.

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I watched that stream live, in fact I was one of the people being “answered” in that section. I’m not going to rewatch it. I remember two distinct things, though. 1) That selling space was something they didn’t want to do. (applause) 2) Some utter nonsense about game theory and salvaging.

Actually, number 2 is not in itself nonsensical. It’s just nonsensical within the mechanics of the game that exists. You can’t simultaneously want people to be excited about getting low rarity gear because we can evolve it, and at the same time want us to salvage everything. My motto in life (if I have one) is “You gotta pick!” They… need to pick. Are we meant to be painstakingly dragging gear up through the rarities (as the predominance of crap drops and their relics suggest) or are we meant to be looting and savaging the majority.

Lets assume the salvaging almost everything is what they really want. Mainly because I think it was basically said. OK. Not the least bit fun, rewarding, or in anyway something a game should want to do… but ok. A plan! However, the mechanic of not being able to do anything when your inventory is full, makes it a tedious hell.

Even doubling the current inventory limits would not solve this issue. It would just kick the can down the road. It would be far enough down the road for most people to at least play their session between mini games of SalvageQuest 3.

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