[PLEASE EXPLAIN LIKE I'M FIVE] What is the idea behind such low storage limits for gear/spells/minion

I would REALLY love a dev to communicate the elements of game design that lead to the choice to make gear spots so limited
I can not understand if the repetitive and endless gear management is a designed feature of the game (because it’s really not fun) or if its an unintended consequence of the concept of not choosing the “unlimited gear storage” option
(Plus it’s not fun to salvage gear over and over - it’s just not)

I feel there is just too much time that is required to manage inventory and its not a fun part of the game.

Therefore I would really apricate some design theory outline or overview of why?
(and why can’t I just store all my extra gear in the Citadel I have…)

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Gear storage currently doesn’t make any sense. Not even possible to hold 1 of every item in the game with maxed storage, let alone any new content and the spares that are still needed.

Gold storage somewhat makes sense so people can’t just hoard an infinite amount, but with no proper gold sink as of version 0.35 this mostly just discourages people from playing and interacting with the game.

Ore storage somewhat makes sense to constantly deplete the resource, but it causes ore to only ever be used on what is meta, which right now is Eveline crafting 24/7 and the occasional ore deal.

Food storage somewhat makes sense so it encourages the upgrading of followers, but with 0 infinite food sinks in the game it makes the resource become the only limited resource dead currency, which is really bad because at least other dead currencies can be accumulated, but bad design choices with the food limited resource causes some people to lose 100s-1000s of food per day due to nothing in the game to use it on. It is very concerning if next patch doesn’t at least address this one.

Food is a more immediate concern than gear storage imo. Even players who haven’t reached end-game will find themselves capping out on food because they’re being limited by crystals as well. Food seems to be much more common in chests than ore as well.

I think a good solution would be to have a few of the non-crafting followers introduce a new use for food, even if it’s not anything meta or particularly useful. Or convert some of the less useful crafters into using food instead of ore. But it certainly does not feel good just letting food cap out all day, every day, and only crafting with Eveline. It’s incredibly stale already, and this patch is still new.

I can understand storage limits, as perhaps a performance helper.

But they seem ridiculously low, across the board. Spell storage is about the only one balanced for the current state of the game.

I get that they want to keep the incentive to level followers. Northelm though, has a very solid reason for leveling without gear storage limits. You could raise his gear storage bumps by a factor of 10 and people would still want to max him.

The gold / ore / food limits actually ONLY make sense as an artificial need to justify a follower. That’s fine. But reaching max level should perhaps open up either unlimited or some very large limit.

I would love more spell slots to be able to keep 1 of every spell.

The only one that seems ok at the moment is minions and that’s mostly because I haven’t gotten enough octoghouls yet. Once that happens, that storage will seem too small, too.

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Raise gear storage. It should be at least doubled.

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It going to be quite the day when they decide to adjust Octoghoul’s stats. We can call it Calimari day as hundreds of Octoghouls are ruthlessly salvaged :sunglasses:


Maybe some people will finally get their first relic. XD