Storage space - How do I get more? (0.39 Edition)

Hi, me again :slight_smile:

Where oh, where has the storage space gone
Oh where, oh where can it be…

Northhelm I’m looking in your direction!

Seriously, the lack of storage space is not fun

If there is a reason that can be articulated to explain the benefits of limited storage, I’d be very interested to hear it

Can you please provide WAY more storage, like at least double & that scales?
Perhaps some sort of “scales with citadel” type solution



Agreed 100%, but not bothering to spend more of my time writing further recommendations and complaints again…


We have heard you and are planning to reduce the amount of food needed to level your followers. :woman_shrugging:




@Jeto - Is there anything you can share about storage space

  1. Is there a planned increase/positive change coming soon?
  2. If not, any insights into how I can view this as fun?
    Because I am not seeing it that way now.
    Perhaps I am missing something and with more information or insights I could come to enjoy the way it is currently.

Thanks in advance


Hi, me again
Sorry I should have also said - please provide any update you can - even, If you have no actual news to share, a communication would be apricated
If there is no storage update information available that can be shared
If there is storage update information but it can’t be shared
If there is a timeframe on which a decision/review could/would be made
If this limited storage system is locked in stone and no plans to change it
Any news, information, update or communication would be fantastic

May I also suggest you provide a structured feedback/issues process for improved communications with players/the forum?
I am sure there are plenty of people with way better ideas but here is a basic starting point

Issue: Inventory Limitation
Status: Reported
Update: Under review
Current Expected Timeframe: outcome/update within 6 weeks
Next Update: Last Friday of the month

Issue: 0.89MB download bug
Status: Under Investigation
Update: Being worked on
Current Expected Timeframe: within 2 weeks
Next Update: Friday

Then next time (on Friday)
Issue: Inventory Limitation - No scheduled update

Issue: 0.89MB download bug
Status: Under Investigation
Update: Being worked on, expected to be fixed via hotfix
Current Expected Timeframe: within 2 weeks
Next Update: Friday


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Hey folks,

This feedback has been reported both before and after the inventory space was increased, so it’s still something that’s on the team’s radar. However, we currently don’t have any further information to share about it. When we do we’ll let you all know.

Regarding the issues we have Known issues articles located here:

If it’s in here then it is something we’re investigating. If there are further notes such as when a fix will be available or workarounds in the meantime then it’s provided here too. It’s not a complete list, but we try to put the known issues that are affecting many players here.

In addition, in the bug reports section we mark threads with their status (investigating, need more info, fixed, or fixed in 0.XX update).

For feedback, we do collect the most popular ideas and ideas we think are great and communicate these in regular reports to the development team however we don’t mark feedback threads with any status as we can’t make any promises regarding feedback.

In the case of feedback we try to respond when we have a solid information from the team that they are working on implementing feedback or in other cases if we get a very strong “no” from the team then we will try to reply to ideas to explain why that’s the case. However, we can never guarantee something won’t change in the future so a solid no now might be a yes in 12 months.


Thank you Kafka
I very much appreciate the communication
(even though I was hoping for more of a “12 days of Christmas Inventory Bonanza is about to start” message :slight_smile: )

So sounds like while it is worth continuing the discussion regarding inventory limitations impacting the game and fun - there is unlikely to be any updates regarding this issue until/unless there is news to deliver

Thanks again for taking the time to communicate


Another continual problem with the game that has been fed back on every single update

There is not enough storage.

5 characters, 12 slots, 15 sets, 5 colours.
Supposedly there were going to be some additional classes added for launch.

So with the big 1.0 on the horizon, will we see this get addressed in a meaningful way?

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I don’t mean to be too negative, but the issue was addressed for me - I just no longer play enough to accumulate any new gear. Problem solved.

Hopefully the launch brings both more enticing gameplay and basic gameplay improvements (adding real new content, addressing inventory, making guilds actually meaningful) to give a breath of fresh air to us older players. Otherwise, we will just be disappointed customers - and a few months down the road the new players will likely be at a similar state of mind that we are in now.

I guess we will see next month whether the developers are making a serious game or whether they are just planning to cycle through new players and live only off of the players who pay before knowing better.


Agreed. As a longer term player myself, I effectively have the gear necessary to complete content; however, I would gladly play more to collect more gear options because it’s fun to customize and play around with different builds. However, with the gear capacity limits (and no conceivable way to increase them), I have no motivation to do anything that rewards additional gear as each new item worthy of keeping means getting rid of something else. Technically i have 10 open spots which I could fill with “keepers” but that puts me closer to having to play gear management with every piece of disposable gear which is just as annoying. I definitely play less because these issues have not been addressed. It’s frankly stupid at this point that a game is about to “launch” and so many fundamental elements of quality of life gameplay remain unaddressed.

Many of these games rely on the influx of new players willing to spend money to “catch up” to the existing gameplay. However, it is much harder to convince newer players that it is worth spending money to accelerate advancement if the existing player base is exiting because they have hit a brick wall in gameplay.

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