More Inventory Space - We want it - What do you want?

In a world of value transactions:
Some of us want more inventory space
What do you want?
Is it $? More hours played? Likes? All of the above?

Can we reach a middle ground? (x10 inventory space forever if you buy VIP once?)

Do you even know that some players want to collect EVERYTHING and right now that is literally not an option?

I already miss last week where I didn’t have to stop playing the game to use a new unfamiliar interface to find items I want to get rid of, just so I can play again!

It’s not pay to win if you provide an option to buy your way out of inventory management hell!
Please start a conversation about this - It seems likely that there is money here, but speak to the players first.


In a very early stream it was mentioned that they did not want to charge money for inventory space. OK yay. But can we get that mythical alternative idea that never materialized?

I’m going to venture that inadequate inventory space is the one problem that all players can agree needs fixed. The maximum gear limit achievable should be no less than specific gear items x 5. It should actually be higher than that so we have room for different pieces with different attributes. But at least let us have room for one of everything.


@devs: As my previous writers pointed out, it is also absolutely incomprehensible to me that lack of storage space is still an issue (there are far more important issues that should be addressed).

Especially in a game where it is not (anymore) necessary to use identical items for upgrading, space is needed; and not by the blob, but in the best case as described by @Tresk, masses of it, at least 5 slots per gear type (too lazy to calculate it in detail, but 15 sets + 3 sets (plus) x 6 parts x 5 colors = 600 slots (rounded up)).

These small gear slot releases, 15 here, 20 there, could stop now please, it leads nowhere.