About Gold... (15char)

I noticed that there seems to be a cap of 10k on how much gold I can have. I currently have abt 8k.

My problem is that I cant seem to find anything to spend it on. I looked in the shop and in the kingdom and nada. Do I just hoard it and once I hit the 10k cap I just lose any that I earn? Will there be more stuff to spend it on once I have progressed further? Am I missing something?

Seems strange to me that there would be a cap at all tbh…

I think the biggest gold sink is empowering your dungeons for more tokens. higher difficulty dungeons have higher costs to empower.

other than that. gold is used in crafting, leveling followers and occasionally in the shop with the daily deals.

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Gold, while used everywhere, is your most abundant resource at the moment. It’s not hard to get, so don’t worry about missing gold rewards because you’re at the cap. If you’re about to get an influx of gold (through play) consider spending some first, wherever possible:

  1. Level any minions, weapons, armor, & accessories you can
  2. Buy daily deals in the store (which are cheap on gems to refresh a couple times).
  3. Empower a previously defeated dungeon and replay it.

Thank you @Kings and @Lady_Cascade!

Continue playing through the story to unlock more followers. By levelling them and doing their side quests you can improve what they can do. Without spoilers one of the followers you get will allow you to raise the limits of gold, food and ore you can hold.

In addition to the above tips if you have plenty of minor shards (lowest level) and have some uncommon or rare items you plan to salvage, you can use some of the minor shards and a bit of gold to upgrade them to L5 first. That way when you scrap them you will earn a few more lesser (for uncommon) or greater (for rare) shards. It may not seem a lot, but you will soon have a big surplus of minor shards and nothing else to do with them while lesser shards is more likely to hold you back levelling up gear.

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I have actually been wondering if I should start doing this or not. This answers my question and I will definitely start doing it now. Thank you