What do I use gold on?

So, stepped out for a while then came back after 3.0.

I find myself frequently capped on gold, and can’t really dump it without also using ore. Is there a gold dump I’m missing?

Darkhunter is the biggest gold sink, but he also takes ore. You also have the weekly gold glyph for 30k gold. The daily keys, the five weekly 50 page spell bundles for 5k gold each. Leveling up minions, etc.

aha, I had missed the bundles in the shop, thanks

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Tagging on here though, the bundle deals run out VERY quickly and then if you are in an active kingdom you have mail with 5k gold a day just waiting for you to collect (or maybe thats just me).

It really needs to get addressed, Either more Ore or a bigger cap (or heck - no cap). Theres zero reason why I should feel bad collecting my kingdom rewareds or having to wait.

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It’s simple, there should be NO CAPS!!!

Why is there a cap in the first place??? GoW doesn’t have caps, why does PQ3?

I have really had enough of the Devs in both games as they are just greedy and have made both games boring.

Way to ruin 2 good games.

Lately, I’ve been spending it on random spell pages. $5000 for 50.

It’s a colossal waste of gold and even the time it takes to go to the menu and click on the option to buy it.