Suggestion - Implement more uses for gold

I would like to suggest to increase the ways we can spend gold. Especially with the new update, I am constantly capped by gold - and it is really disheartening to farm and be constantly capped. (While darkhunter is an option, I do not have endless Ore resources)

Ways to fix this could be in any of the following ways -

*Increase the number of keys you can buy. Instead of just buying 1 bundle of keys per day, up that number to 3-5 of each set. Simple enough way to make coins go away, and still encourage grinding to open chests

*Open chests with gold and not food. You still need food to bring back your minions if you care to do so, and can use it on followers, which makes sense, but food to open chests seems a little weird

*Increase the number of shards you can buy for coins x5 or so in the daily bundle drops While not a huge change, that does at least provide a resource to drain some coins.

*Reset spell page buys to per day as opposed to weekly. (Great thing to see this becoming available) The cost could be increased as well if that was a concern that people would get it too fast, however with the random element its hard to see somebody maxing that out without a lot of grinding.

*Have 5 glyphs to buy per week (random). - While this may seem like a high number, the new implementation of spellbooks per class is going to need a way to infuse more glpyhs into a players ecosystem.

*Reduce ore cost on Darkhunter at the first level. It doesnt have to be 0, but at a couple hundred a pop I run out of ore faster than I can get it back, while getting the gold back within a few chests.

Generally speaking I like this update, the ability to drop Legendary and Mythics is a nice change, and does reward some light grinding. It would be nice to see some QOL changes on gold so that people who are excited, and are engaged are not capped by gold making them just want to shut off the game.



I use Darkhunter alot to keep my gold down, also Grimli and Resh are good ways to spend gold, if you got the ore that goes with the cost.

Devs have added 5 weekly spell page bundles to spend your gold on in the store, as well as the pre-existing weekly gold glyph, which is a nice start.

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I agree - I feel like its a great start. I just feel like there could be some ramping up on it, and it wouldn’t harm the overall economy. People who want a shortcut, or want to cut out the random element are still going to spend $$, while still encouraging people who spend less/F2P have an avenue to make up the large amount of glyphs needed for upgrades.

This would be less needed for higher endgame players, but as somebody who is “closer to endage but not quite there”, I can see the need for many glyphs in my future if I want to play any other characters than what I have.

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At the moment im using my ore to convert relics, would love to buy more keys with gold,


I used to be permanently out of gold using Soulchaser’s, Torogon’s or Gemka’s 2nd option to create items for a slot. Now that they only make up to legendary and I can’t upgrade rarities there is no point for me to use them so I also need somewhere else to spend gold… Bring on 3.1!

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Cheers for the heads up on this. I didn’t know about it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Increasing the limit on Key purchases for gold (or removing it altogether :smiling_imp:) would be most welcome.


Just following up on this as a new week has changed over (and I personally was out of pocket for a day). The week has changed, and now within a few hours of playing and accepting my KD rewards - I am capped on gold again.

I really do hope this gets some traction as I think in general it feels like something that many could REALLY benefit from and prepare for 3.1 (and probably wouldnt require much of change if any on the backend).