Suggestion: Key Fragment

This is a suggestion: when salvaging treasure chest, give key fragment of for type of chest instead of gold. Later on combine key fragment into keys. Ratio is up to dev, my thoughts is 3 wood frag to 1 wood key, 4 iron frag to 1 iron key, 5 gold frag to 1 gold key etc…

Reason for this is once a player hit gold cap, run out keys and all chest slot used, there is no reason to play. At least this way player can still earn keys through gameplay.

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Neat idea, but devs can’t allow gold+ keys to be obtained so easily. May work for wood/iron.

My solution would be to allow the 3 wood/1 iron key bundle in shop to be purchased infinitely, allowing extremely active players to slowly farm shards and giving them a very small chance at getting some set items if they needed them