Data from 2 months of using 0 keys

For around 2 months now, a little prior to the release of version 0.35, I haven’t been opening any keys. Initially this was to make sure enough keys were saved for dungeons and new features, but once 0.35 hit it was because of the value of opening chests being reduced.

While I don’t recall the exact number I had when I started saving, it was around 200 wooden, 50 iron, 30 gold, 5 ruby, and 1 diamond.

2 months later, it is standing at the following:

This would bring the approximate 2 month key amount to:
373 | 466 | 204 | 203 | 100
Based on this data, would except wooden keys and gold keys to be the current keys not yielding enough. Seems like amounts should be closer to:
500 | 400 | 300 | 200 | 100, despite these not being the case.

Some things to note is this was done with VIP active, 9 chest slots, and running diamond keys 90% of the time (would be 100% if it wasn’t for a 10 day vacation during the time that completely depleted all diamond mark stacks). This was also done with 0 keys from quests, as in 0 from back when side quests gave wooden keys and 0 from the wooden, iron, and gold keys accumulated through the quest line runs.

Main two things to note from this data is the drastically lower amount of gold keys and wooden keys. There are a couple reasons as to why their numbers are a bit off compared to other keys.

1: Pet chests are tied almost entirely to ruby/diamonds due to these chests being the main form of progression within the game.
2: The main source of progression wooden keys (side quests) were removed from the game with many methods throughout the game completely avoiding it as a drop (such as daily bounties and Eveline).
3: Maxed Eveline accumulates the most iron keys, guild honor and 15k crests generates the most ruby keys (+1 per day from vip too when applicable), and pets generate the most diamond keys.
4: There is currently no direct function for accumulating wooden keys nor gold keys aside from pet chests that are often preoccupied with more important opens.

One way to fix the wooden keys is to put more ways to get them into the game rather than removing ways of accumulating them. Due to their low value, there also needs to be more ways to get multiple of them at once rather than 1 at a time or 2 at a time drops.

Some ways to fix gold keys is to tie them to various events as a decent mid-range key, add them to eventual redeem codes, buff gold chests in general so their value via pet opening is worth it compared to iron and rubies that both tend to outclass them.

One function that allows the player to fix any disparities would of course be to just open pet chests for whatever key is running low, but with higher rarity chests being tied to almost all progression, it doesn’t leave much room for this function unless near the point of 0 in the key.