Make Wooden Chest keys cost gold in Shop

Make wooden keys plentiful in the shop or maybe even unlimited for gold.

Be an easy way to give people something to spend their extra gold on and wooden chests are pretty weak, but would be useful in recovering from a farming session. Would also give players an excuse to farm skirmish.


Ill +1 this. And add in my own spin.

While it says % wise that Wooden Chests drop more, in my experience I get more Iron Chests. I am nowhere near out of Keys for Wooden or Iron, and I choose to time open those, not key open in a lot of cases, but if I could use the gold (that is capped) for more keys, in turn I would open a lot more boxes.

Maybe it is something as simple at the low package is x5, Medium Key Package is x5 and then Ruby and Diamond are x2. I think anything that helps us not feel like we are spinning out wheels with Gold being capped, but thats a benefit of chests would be welcomed.