Upgrading dungeon tokens is repetitive, painful and boring

All I want is diamond tokens to purchase diamond chests. I have to upgrade 10 at a time bronze > silver > gold > ruby > diamond.

Takes like 2-3 minutes of tapping “purchase” > “confirm”. Just give a "purchase all button. Also, do the conversion math to allow all tiers in combination to purchase top tier.

Yeah, wish marks had a convert 10 (300) and convert 50 (1,500) option like in Gems of War.

Not sure if this is a good idea mostly due to how wooden chests work. Wooden chests are the rarest chests in the game relative to how many are needed to perpetually run them, making wooden marks one of the most useful marks in the game that aren’t diamond.

I personally don’t upgrade wooden nor iron. Wooden because they are good, iron because they have such bad value upgrading to diamond that it is better to just hoard them then run them for a few days when in a pinch for upgrading material.

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Why are you running Wooden and Iron Chests with minions? Aside from the Gear Vault bug (that you showcased on stream, which preempts you from using keys entirely, and likely will be patched soon), there’s no reason not to just use keys on them, I have hundreds of Wooden Keys and dozens of Iron keys saved up despite constantly using them.

Due to how Evaline and the honor guild task works, gold keys are the most common key, iron 2nd, ruby 3rd, wooden 4th, and diamond 5th. Marks are also weighted very similarly, where gold are the most common relative to resulting time, iron 2nd, ruby 3rd, wooden 4th, diamond 5th.

Not sure why they have it like that, but both have the same weighting relative to accumulation means.

Food and gold are both dead currencies at the moment, so a bit of a waste to open any chest asides from the pet chests since 0.35.