Changes to Dungeon Marks

Hello Adventurers!

In update 0.38 (which is coming very soon!), we have made changes to Dungeon Marks:
  • ‘Dungeon Marks’ will now be referred to just as ‘Marks’.
  • Marks have been removed from Dungeon Rewards.
  • The ability to Empower Dungeons for extra rewards has therefore also been removed.
  • As well as the ability to upgrade your Marks for lower tier Marks has also been removed.
  • Marks can now be earned from Events.
  • Marks will be used to purchase items from the Event Shops.
This is important; As you will no longer be able to purchase Chests using Marks in update 0.38, if you wanted to spend your Marks on Chests or upgrade your existing Marks, please do so as soon as possible.

Thanks - Can you share anything about the new event shop to help us understand if we should spending the Dungeon marks in the environment they were earned/collect OR if the new event shop would provide similar/different value for them?

Will the new Marks have different rarities as currently exist?

  • As well as the ability to upgrade your Marks for lower tier Marks has also been removed.
    Should this be FROM lower tier marks?

Post the full patch notes. How does this affect the food deal? What is the new gold sink? Come onnnnnnnnnn

This is my question, too. We need to know if there is a reason to upgrade our marks, now.

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Has any new way to obtain specific rarity chests been added to the game? It is already a multi hour time sink per day to set up ruby/diamonds.

Sitting on 1,000s of nearly every key, but no chests to use them on due to lack of storage and lack of use for food.

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The patch notes will be available once the update goes live, it won’t be a mandatory update to start with (unless you have automatic updates turned on), so you will have time to read the patch notes before updating to 0.38.

We just wanted to give everyone as much advance warning as possible.

The information in my initial post is all I have currently sorry!


Ok so atleast we can read the notes before updating. Otherwise felt like this.

Phew! crisis! averted!

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It was VERY VERY SOON! 5 days ago :sunglasses:

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Soon it will be soon - it’s clearly getting closer :slight_smile:

They like Tuesday it seems for alot of patches. (just seems to be the day alot of the times)

(not saying it will be Tuesday but it often is)

Well technically it should be in the next 18 hours or they set this whole scenario up for no purpose lol (which is Tuesday for them, so it would at least be true in this case as well)

And you have just de-incentivized dungeon grinds AND took out one of the gold sinks. Way to make not only your gear economy, but also your gold economy even more lopsided. If spells aren’t scaled and Shaman isn’t buffed this patch, I might never come back.

Firstly, @Kafka, thanks for the information. It’s a weird feeling to see a post that actually has something informative in it. Admittedly, it’s not overflowing with information, but you could have just kept us in the dark as normal.

To everyone else, don’t be distracted by this information. Dungeon Marks (or Marks) are nowhere near as important as the many other changes we’ve all requested. Personally, I have thousands of all varieties of Marks, and I don’t care what they do with them. I certainly have no intention of spending hours and hours either upgrading them, or even converting them to chests.

Increased storage, rebalanced spells, less grind, resetting citadels, and better management of kingdoms are much more important considerations.

I’ve turned off the auto-update of the app, and until I have a better idea of the changes, I’m not turning it back on. Maybe others should do the same. If the changes aren’t as hoped for, I may never turn the updates back on!

Dungeon marks are one of the most important aspects of the game. They are the main thing that allows the chest slots to constantly be running.

I have had 0 of them for months as mark accumulation is slower than key accumulation, unless playing for multiple hours per day. This is with pretty much all dungeons done to 100 weapons too to still be at 0.

The issue with the changes to marks is how much harder it can potentially be to accumulate chests, particularly specifically timed chests. The system will likely also be extremely unfair to people with 0 marks compared to people with over 10,000 of some, as the new event system likely time gates the accumulation of marks.

My biggest concern with the patch is it will add about 15-30 minutes of time save, while adding 2-4 hours more grind per day. Just the removal of marks alone is already a 2+ hour increase if other chest accumulation methods aren’t also added.

I’m not going to try to ‘out knowledge’ you @Tacet as you understand the ins and outs of the game a lot better than me. However, from my personal perspective, having constant chests ‘opening’ is time consuming and frustrating. I see little point as 99% of items get trashed anyway. Maybe if the storage was increased, the chest opening would be more attractive.

Dungeon Marks obviously work for your style of gameplay, but they don’t for mine. All of the other items I mentioned certainly do matter. Maybe when I get as far advanced as you, I’ll be wishing the Dungeon Marks were still there :wink:

That’s if I’m still playing after this update.

The main thing I want from chests is equipment.
But my storage is constantly full.
The next update brings with it a storage update, but at the same time appears to be saying it is going to scrap all the built up marks.

I’m not sure why the devs feel that being clear about this is such a secretive topic. If the update is coming out in the next 24-48h (on account of the 3 day dungeon being suspended for this) then the update is most likely already finalised and with google.

What happens to existing marks when we update to 0.38?
Converted? At what rate? Different for each current grade?
What can the new mark system purchase?

Let’s appreciate that they’re giving us a head-up to turn off auto-update before they push the update.
I believe we can start complaining when we actually have the patch notes :slight_smile:

I’m also sad about the marks being gone from the dungeons as it was my only incentive to still play them. My gear is full, I don’t play as much anymore. Opening the game and running chests with my marks was a way for me to still try and get better stuff from ruby chests without actually playing too much.
I’ve also used up all my marks lately as a way to get gold and ore when I’m not playing. Hopefully the event marks will offer nicer option. at this point we can just wait and see.

Thank you for the heads up, it is appreciated.

BUT… you did expect that there would be a BUT right :grin:

Personally I have more or less stopped doing dungeons DUE TO THE STORAGE ISSUE - it is not cool getting new gear, when you then have to delete some other cool gear

Secondly I havn’t converted as many Dungeon Marks to Chests lately DUE TO THE STORAGE ISSUE

Now there is still THE STORAGE ISSUE, so converting Marks now to chests before Update. 38 has the above mentioned issue NOT HAVING SPACE FOR NEW GEAR IN STORAGE.

So basicly I feel I have wasted my time playing, getting these Dungeon Marks, because use them now and salvage or let them be converted to Marks that can be used in new shop, which there are no hints about .

May I suggest that you give us a couple of days, with increased storage and the ability to Convert Marks to chests? You could update the increased storage before the Update

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Not necessarily.

If the new shop system also has time gates on the rate of acquisition of rare desirable things, then having 10k+ marks may not make much of a difference at all.

If also the new event shop system is designed to limit the rate of spend of high-tier marks (things can only be bought once per week, month, campaign, etc.), players with very high quantities of high-tier marks may find themselves in a situation where it is difficult to actually spend those marks.

To some degree, I have to wonder if the devs allowing marks to carry over in some capacity to the new system is because in the long run they believe that the net impact is going to be minimal
at most.

That’s probably the point of that change. I don’t think the devs ever intended players to be walking Ruby/Diamond chests 24/7/365. Running mark chests all the time also made running dungeons mostly irrelevant (outside of earning more marks) and did make skirmishes completely irrelevant.

It’s likely the devs are forcing players back to farming dungeons/skirmishes for chests for pets to unlock, with inconvenience of trudging through a bunch of low-tier chests if a player is looking for Ruby and Diamond chests to unlock.

Guess we’ll all know the answers to everyone’s concerns soon enough.