0.38 New Event Shop - What can you tell us so we know what to do with Marks

Credit for this find to takumi

So with reference to this - What can you tell us about the new event shop
Specifically, any sort of guide to value of marks in new shop vs chests now prior to the update?

Without the upcoming extra storage that has been mentioned, it would seem that using marks to open chests is not great, upgrading marks to higher tiers might be good (or not) and keeping them for the new event shop is an unknown value proposition

Any insights or guidance would be greatly apricated


You mean like meaningful communication, with the specifics needed for players to prepare for the change? What a novel ideal.

I am hoping that since the update is planned, they can share some of the details a few hours in advance of the update going live.
Be great to know if we should “cash in” our earned dungeon marks now OR save them for the new event shop

Great catch Takumi & @Mythos!

This part here is especially eye-catching:

Since we have no clue what the Marks can be spent on, it’s a crap shoot as to whether we should upgrade marks or not

@Sibelios Credit for the catch goes to takumi - I just posted here
So many questions

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I was confused about the “…upgrade your existing Marks, please do so as soon as possible.”

According to the link, all dungeon marks will be referred to as just marks. Would that not mean that all of our current marks would become the new generic marks? Possibly with a conversion variable based on the current tier mark. But we would hope if there IS a conversion variable based on tier that it would be equal to the current conversion variable. If so, then why would anyone care about upgrading our current marks? I’m lost.

But it’s not clear that the new “Marks” will not have tiers or quality levels, it just said that Dungeon Marks (which come in 5 quality levels) will now be referred to as Marks. Perhaps the new “Marks” will still have quality level but will not be able to be upgraded. If that is the case then upgrading Dungeon Marks would be advisable. But of course this is speculation.

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My guess is that since they are being put into Events, calling them Dungeon Marks does not make sense

Never mind. Official News post just updated.

Ya, this is the million dollar question. Will the new marks have tiers that will be converted from current tiers? I’ve fallen into every one of these “Hey we changed everything!” booby traps, so far. So whatever I decide to do… just don’t do that and you should be fine. :woman_facepalming:

Another thought… doesn’t this change devalue dungeon loot tickets?

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Sounds like it, sure

oh shit good catch time to cash those in

Just a thought (deduction), ‘a la Mr.Holmes,’ lol. If upgrading or not upgrading of Dungeon Marks is NOT going to make a difference after the new update, Kafka need not have mentioned this specifically. Since he /she has, one may deduce that it is better to do so. All speculation… I have upgraded. Let’s hope all of us who have done so are not made fools, once the update comes …