Ruby and diamond keys are useless

I have recently realized that since 0.38, ruby and diamond keys have become useless for me, with golden keys also becoming nearly useless to me. Golden keys only become useful if I am farming dungeons for 2+ hours.

While I don’t know the actual average play time of players, I can imagine for 95% of the population, ruby and diamond keys are also useless. Of course, for the perhaps 5% of the population which plays 6+ hours a day, ruby keys actually still have a use. I can imagine diamond keys only become useful after 12+ hours or more play.

With the removal of dungeon marks, farming dungeons has been made much less interesting and there is no means of accumulating chests for using the keys.

Perhaps this applies to me only because I have an excess of wooden, iron and golden keys - but I would love to hear if other players have the same experience.


All keys are pretty much useless, right now. Part of the problem is the removal of the marks. But it’s also due to the fairly low chance of chests containing something you won’t just salvage, immediately.

Even before the change to marks, I stopped using keys. The only keys I use with any regularity are iron keys.

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I use wooden and iron keys but have such a large amount that I gain keys faster than I could spend them with no way to purchase chests anymore.

Honestly would love marks to be added back to dungeons and still be able to purchase chests.

The mark gain from events is so miniscule that it feels a waste anymore.

I am now just hoarding marks until I really need them

I have about twice as many iron keys as wooden… but yes a lot of each haha. I also have a metric boatload of ruby keys. I’m not exactly hurting for gold keys, either. My diamond keys are in the worst shape, for obvious reasons. But it took me like a day to realize that diamond chests are nothing to get excited about.

Pretty much every chest contains food (which I am always maxed at) and gold (which I am maxed at quite often). Opening them with keys means flushing those resources. The rest of the contents usually involve scrolls and runes I don’t need right now. That part isn’t a waste, but kind of a waste of a key. Almost everything else is a common or uncommon I would not think about evolving. Even when I hit the lotto and score a rare or an epic? Well my inventory is full so thats crap too. haha. So basically I will occasionally use my highest count key (iron) just to make room for other chests that contain nothing that anyone would want.

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I am generally the type of someone who grinds a lot. But even with that I had to stop using keys gold+, as chests are so rare that I only use the minions to open them.


Speak for yourself. I’ve just stopped playing for the day as my 5 slots for chests are filled with ruby and diamond chests and I have no keys for either. I can see that much later on this situation would be more unlikely but it is happening to me now. (and I always use minions rather than keys when possible)

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Well, my thread was more meant to speak for the (estimated) 95% of the player base who don’t have time to do this.

An example (using my end-game tasks as example)

  • 30 PvP battles;
  • 6 challenges;
  • 4 - 13 event dungeons;

With the time spent changing gear, etc. This probably takes perhaps an hour.

And then continue with dungeon runs until we have 7 or 8 ruby or diamond chests?

Each battle is 3 - 5 minutes, and with a combined chance of 15 to 20% to get a ruby/diamond chest. This means 5 to 7 battles per chest, or 15 to 35 minutes per chest.

If I am lucky and fast that is two hours. If I’m unlucky and slow, that’s nearly five hours. And this isnt even calculating for the time playing inventory management simulator between fights. Adding the time spent with dailies, and averaging the two, this becomes 4.5 hours.

I’m happy to hear you have a long time to devote to the game, and hope you have the chance to get the best out of that time. For most people, playing 4.5 hours a day isn’t going to be standard.

This thread is for those players who can’t devote those 4.5 hours per day, and therefore their ruby and diamond keys become useless.

That’s what it comes down to. The only time in which keys are really a “currency concern” is for new players who decide to play for many hours a day. Most players quickly though will find themselves in a position where Keys quickly have little to no value unless you never use chest slots ever.

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