Chest salvage suggestion

I would like for there to be a little more given when salvage a chest other than just gold. Would be nice if got like 1 random shard for iron, 2 random shard for gold, and 3 random shard for a diamond chest.

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probably not going to happen :frowning: I do think some improvements on the salvaging are needed, though. Very true. Even a low percent chance of getting a key would be decent.

Since only around 24 pet slots are currently used within the game, could potentially use pets to salvage as a mechanic.

Salving with a pet would give key based on key chance,
extra gold based on mission time,
and cooldown would be placed at 1x the chest’s normal opening time - rest %.

Something like a diamond salvage with a 10%/10%/10% pet under this system would be:

  • 10% chance for diamond key
  • 110 gold
  • Pet is placed on cooldown for 21 hours and 36 minutes

With how pets are now, only 24 of them are ever used, or 32 max if doing a mixed combination of chests. Would be nice to have a function for the other dozens.

This would also give a purpose to the worst stat currently in the game, rest time, since salvaging with a key chance would require rested pets under this system. Rest time currently isn’t used since perfect 3 cycles can be done with chests that completely ignore rest time, but having a mechanic that could cause pets to need to rest based on gameplay would add incentive to have high rest time spares.

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