Accidental shopping spree

I just rested a pet accidentally with 700 gems for the second time. The button to spend them is the same as the button to send the pet.

Same goes for the button to collect and the button to open the chest with a key when it is on a slot (but keys are renewable, gems less so)

The chance for men to get them back through support is slim and I am not asking for that. But is there a chance to consider placement of buttons or at least for the spending 700 gems to recover a pet which is likely the worst value for gems in the game to have a “sure you want to do that yes/no” Secondary button.

It is way too easy to waste valuable resources after waking up which makes me yet again reconsider my 9 chest slots as keeping them going is slowly starting to be a chore and it’s been a long time since I got something useful. What I mostly find useful is the ore and food. Gold is overfliwing and everything else gets salvaged.


I have yet to make this mistake but I want the feature just in case! Sorry that happend

Don’t play after you wake up. Or before you go to bed.

Given that most of us have a job or school or something the question becomes - when?


You have to play during work and ensure you get no work done as is the way. But yes this would be a nice QoL change

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It’s not just minions. The entire ui is designed to get people to accidentally spend gems everywhere you look. Instant crafting is probably the worst offender, but even respawn in battles, or trying to open chests with keys will sometimes result in somehowe spending gems instead. There should be a confirmation popup anytime you spend premium currency. The current system just seems predatory.