Multiple feature request :)

  • skip battle animation
    Each battle takes too long due to the animations to the point where I can’t squeeze in a quick dungeon during work break. Can we have an option for skipping animations for busy people? :slight_smile:

  • store chests
    Apart from slots for opening the chests, it would be nice to have a way to store chests. This way, a working class like me can play more during the weekend to store up the chests instead of having to leave the opening slots empty most of the time during weekdays. I don’t think this will affect the game balance if you restrict the storage capacity like you do for others - gears, skills, minions, etc. And the opening chest slots would remain the same as you guys intended.

  • confirmation pop-up when spending gems
    It’d be very nice to have a confirmation popup when click on any spending gems buttons. I accidentally used gems for speeding up the relic, because it was the first time I was gathering relic from follower and I thought the button meant collect. If there was a confirmation phase, I wouldn’t have wasted that much gems.

  • conversion of shards
    Would be nice to have some way to convert the shards. (i.e. # minor armor shards → 1 lesser armor shard) sorry if this is already a feature as I am not that high level yet (lvl 21 ch 5)


Great requests @Choa05. The 1st and last bullets are popular requests that the community is waiting on to see if the devs will do something about. As of yet, there has been absolutely no response to the last request and a basic acknowledgement that the 1st request has been passed on to the devs.

I really like your second request. I don’t think I’ve heard that one yet.

Your 3rd request should be a no-brainer for every game with a rare in-game currency. It should either be automatic or have an option to turn it on/off in the settings. As of yet though, I haven’t heard many requests for this feature, which probably means that most of the UI is decently designed to not cause a lot of accidental gem purchases. However, like I said, this is a no-brainer feature that should definitely exist in some way.

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