Animation Skip Option

While I enjoy the core gameplay, and have since the very first Puzzle Quest, the amount of time I spend waiting is kinda excruciating. I would love to see a “reduced animations” option that skips the player and opponent attack animations, skips the battle rewards screen, and skips the chest opening and rewards animations.

I would even be a fan of an “auto open chests if possible” option to just breeze past the chest screen as well, but at the very least, jumping straight to the chest screen to make a choice would be nice.


Yes, yes, please! The animations, while nice in general (though I’m not a fan of the bobbling intestines…), take ages, and ages, and ages.

And less “white light flashing” in the animations while opening chests, pretty please! This is hard on people with light sensitivity issues.

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The white flashing chest indeed I had issues with when playing in the evening. I got used to closing my eyes or scrapping to avoid the light.

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I can see how opening chests can activate the slot machine, dopamine-inducing gambling addiction feeling in some people when waiting for the next item to appear. :thinking: There would be less suspense; of a rush to see what you (potentially) spent your gems on if it just displayed instantly.

Yeah with a game this grindy the battles take too long in pure animations wait times.