Minor gripe: Opening chest animation

I play this game on my phone, and I sometimes play it when I can’t sleep. Which means I play it in bed, in the dark. My issue here is that the flash of light when opening a chest is WAY too bright, especially when playing in a low-light environment. It literally hurts my eyes to the point where I turn away the screen every time I open a chest. I realize this is a relatively minor issue, but I’d love for this to get toned down, or alternatively to have an option to automatically skip the opening animation.


Hello there!

Thank you for posting this suggestion! I do find the light in the opening chest animation to be a little bit too bright as well and hurts my eyes in the same circumstances.

I’ll pass this feedback on to the Dev team to see what can be done. Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

We’ve asked for the reduction of the white flashes for months now, in multiple different threads! “see what can be done”? That’s not acceptable.