Flashing graphics - please be gone!

Hey, devs.

I asked about it in early access many times and now I need to beg.

The flashing on opening chests was bad enough when it was on a small phone - I could turn it away when I knew that a flash is coming, or look away. But now, I installed the game on my PC. And there’s no way to turn away the screen, there’s no way to look away; the screen is much bigger than the phone screen. And to make matters worse - new flashing elements were added - like the animation that appears while casting Paladin’s ultimate spell - the screen goes practically white for a second.

PLEASE PLEASE, I BEG YOU: get rid of the flashing from the game! It’s unpleasant. It literally and physically HURTS. Is that what you want, people saying that the game hurts them & makes it unplayable for them?



Agreed. Entirely useless and painful to the eyes.

The chest flashing has annoyed me for ages but now for the paladin ultimate spell too. Argh. Assassin ultimate spell is ok. Haven’t tried others yet.

This request we’ve been asking for awhile now! Definitely agree.

Watching part of livestream (on repeat now) on Steam the flashing when a chest opens is so bright that first the gameplay flashes, but then it illuminates Jeto for a brief second as she is presumably sat just in front of the screen the game is on!

I’m sure this was an earlier issue on mobile that got patched out several updates and months ago.

Hey all,

This feedback has been passed on previously, but will raise this again with the team! :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Registered only for this one request.
That white flash during chest opening makes my eyes bleeding when I play at night. Would be great if I could choose a dark set of animations with a dark type of “light” coming from the chest.

Wish I could disable all animations.

It was patched in one version… and only half-way… (some chests had a “fade-in” to grey, instead of a white flash, but not everywhere…) and then un-patched - the previous animations were restored.

Update: Necromancer’s ultimate spell suffers from the same problem; the ice shards flash nearly white.

I’ve noticed this and I thought it was a 1 timer.
Just because I used ultimate spell only once since official launch.

Geezzz, all those white strobes are so uncomfrotable and annoying.