Request: option to disable screen flash on chest open

I would love an option to disable the bright screen flash when opening a chest. I’ve always been a bit sensitive to screen flash/strobe, and playing on a 27" monitor (running Bluestacks on PC to play the game) it’s exacerbated even more. If that’s not feasible to add such an option, a simple “disable chest opening animation” might work as well. I close my eyes as it is after clicking on a chest until the flash passes, which works, but ideally I’d love not to have to do that every chest opening.


I second that!

I’d love to see less “light flashes” of any kind in the game. That includes the flashes with each thing that is shown from the chest, as well as the transition screens that used to be white and are now different shades of pastel colours - but still too light and trigger my sensitivity issues. This is really unpleasant.


Man no Vegas for you, I’m assuming just like Vegas it’s for stimulant and dramatic effect. SQUIRREL!

I second that as well. It’s a pain when I’m playing right before bed. Furthermore, there are so many animations in this game that lengthen the play experience such as the chest opening, attack animations, and the 38 year long animation when that godforsaken troll spell-caster dude slowly waltzes in.


Can we get an option to disable screen shaking as well? That’s a pretty standard one for all mobile games.

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A serious laugh out loud moment. I know exactly what you are talking about!


I’ve stopped playing because of how long the animations are, and how little “play” time I have compared to the incredible amount of “watch and wait” time. I still like the game and want to see it become something better, but the only things that would bring me back to actively play, at the moment, are new story content or a skip animations option (I even made this suggestion a month or so ago).


I understand, completely. Just the other day I was specifically tracking the “gameplay” to “clicking around/waiting around ratio.” It was alarmingly bad. I decided to just let it go for now. The game is very clearly far from finished. There are quite a few big ticket issues to be tackled. I expect this issue to be fairly far down the list of fixes, unfortunately.

But, I totally agree that the ratio needs to improve dramatically, one way or another and also understand wanting to wait until it does. I also agree that some sort of ability to disable animations would be a great a great start on this issue.


I would also like to option to disable animations after you see them for the first time. I like animations, myself, but they get so tiresome when you’re grinding. If you fight someone new, though, it’d be cool to have the option to see what their animations are!

Relating back to the topic, though, I agree with the flashing. I almost always close my eyes when opening chests. Particularly at night but in general as I’m also sensitive to light. I have my screen really darkened, too, with a blue light filter on it and it still bothers me.


I agree an option to disable the things you have already seen, would be cool. Not just animations, even the story/sidequest chatter. I really enjoyed the story… three times. After the three I started to get irritated with all the clicking of skip. lol

The flashing should probably just be removed. It doesn’t bother me. But I play using an emulator on PC, so the graphics are at a really low setting and I might not be seeing the full effect. But I know that the type of flashing that is being described, is bad for a number of reasons. Since it serves no real purpose, it should just go.


I’d like to add a quick update about this issue - in 0.36, the flash upon chest opening is still there, and there’s now an additional blinding flash of white after the victory/defeat screen appears. If it was there in 0.35 I certainly don’t remember it being as painful or noticeable.

I would like to agree. This has caused me eye pain and headaches.

I’ve passed this on to the devs, thank you for your feedback.

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I just wanted to chime in and say thank you eliminating the screen flash after the victory banner - in 0.37 it’s now a pain-free fade to black, which for me is a big improvement.

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Unfortunately, flashing while opening chests still remains :frowning: Can we get rid of that one too? Or at least reduce it? Pretty please please please?


I missed this thread the first time it came around.

HEARTILY agree, a reduced animation mode is great for players who have that preference but also increases accessibility of your game for people who NEED those changes. Double win!

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Another update, and this problem is still not solved. Chests flash with white light upon opening like crazy, I need to look away or turn away the phone from my face, otherwise it just physically hurts. Please, devs, turn it off.