Top 3 issues need fixed asap- 1. opening chests BLINDS YOU

  1. opening chests BLINDS YOU, WHY are you devs blasting our poor lil eyeballs with a million lumens of super bright white light!? this light causes actual headaches, its absurd

  2. each ‘section’ of the game needs SEPERATE GEAR LOADOUTS to prevent this:i play in limited tournament so im forced to switch gear loadout, my half naked character is down from gear score 1900 to 800… then later i play defend the kingdom and lose on turn 1 , just cuz its stil using the same stupid weak 800 point gear i only put on for that limited tournament! wasted 1 of 3 chances over this nonsense!

3- co-op in this game SUX AND NEEDS TO BE completely CHANGED(the spells were fine btw, you changed the wrong thing), you cant even see what your teammates are doing! really?! you cant even tell you are playing in co-op!
should be totally re-done. have all players on screen together, etc
sidenote, its absurd creating a party,waiting, leaving cuz nobody joined (CUZ co-op in this game SUX AND NEEDS TO BE completely CHANGED) then FINALLY navigate to A new area, click begin,BUT game snickers like a brat THAT ‘YOU CANT DO THAT UNTILL YOU LEAVE YOUR PARTY’! REALLY? I LEFT THAT PARTY (IN MY MIND) WAY BACK WHEN I LEFT THAT DANG(PARTY) SCREEN!

and also why cant you make tournaents be 2 real humans playing versus each other in real time??