[ANY OTHER REPORTS OF THIS?] Nothing for opening a chest

Platform, device and operation system
pc via blue stacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

I clicked to open a gold dungeon chest and expected something inside

What did happen was, nothing. Further info below.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

First and so far only time this has happened.

Steps to make it happen again

No real idea what triggered it, but I’ll give my detailed description (to my best recall) of what happened this time.

I’m going to be as detailed as possible even though some of this is probably irrelevant. But since this has only ever happened to me once, I think every detail might matter so…

I was playing and maxed my gear. Before I could manage that, I got invited to a party. In the party, we did several dungeons and I had to put each chest into a storage slot because of my gear vault being full. When my slots were full, I exited the party.

I dealt with my gear vault (salvaged something) and went into the chest slot screen. I can’t remember all of the chests, but it was a mix of gold, iron and wood. They all opened as expected except for one gold chest. I clicked it and opened it, and nothing happened. I just ended up back at the chest slot screen. The only other thing I was doing through this was chatting to kingdom chat.

When i opened it, my gear vault, spell vault and minion vault all had space. But that is all I can say for certain.

I almost feel bad making a bug report, because this has only happened once. But happened it did and thats what i’m here for! If I had to guess it was something in that specific chest that went haywire.

Hey team, has anyone else experienced this?

This could be a stranger interaction with Bluestacks or an unstable internet connection, but I want to check if it’s more widespread just in case.

There is another possibility that occurred to me. After playing a battle, I can often click on my screen and either cut short or prevent the win lose animation from happening. (hard to explain but hopefully you know what I mean.) I’m wondering if I didn’t just somehow prevent the animation of the chest from showing.

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This could be a possibility. We advise not doing this for the meantime, to see if this issue resolves.

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It’s only happened the one time, and yep… I’ve since, carefully avoided touching my screen until the animations play haha