[NOT A BUG] Crate issues - cannot open with keys

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Cannot open crates with keys. I have keys, but get a window that pops up stating that all my crate slots are full. I salvaged one to have an opening. It showed the key, but gave the same window. Only way to open is using minions.

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I’ve noticed this as well however when you can close the game, restart and you will then be able to open the chest again.

My experience has been when I arrive at the chest opening screen with the 4 options (salvage/gems/key/vault) I will choose the salvage option when I have 0 chest slots to see if I want to replace something. After I hit cancel and return to the 4 options chest opening screen, all 4 options, as well as the continue button become ineffective, essentially locking me to the screen. But as I said above, if I close the game and restart, the screen becomes operable again.

Thanks, but I have shut it down and still have the same issue. I have even went as far as shutting my phone down and rebooting it, no change. I even downloaded the emulator on my PC and still have the same issue playing on my PC.

Thus is the Error I get any time I try and uses keys to open.

Ah, that is not a bug, but just a function of the game not letting you open a chest when you potentially might further exceed your limits because something (gear/minions/spells) is currently at cap. Check your gear and make sure that your current inventory is at least one less than your max inventory allowed.

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Please do what @Sibelios has suggested. If you continue to encounter problems please let us know.