[NEED MORE INFO] Chest disappeared upon completion

Android, OnePlus 6T

Diamond chest completed the opening time period and disappeared. Minion reports “Mission complete”, but the chest has vanished and the minion is now locked in mission complete and connot be used for another task.

I have only encountered this bug once.

Trigger the chest opening mission, Compelete the mission timer while completeing a quest that has a chest reward.

Thanks for reporting this. Has anyone else experienced it? (Please weigh in team!)

I had this happen in a battle screen where the chest showed as (Actioned), but it ate 2 keys and gave nothing in return.

Only seen it once.

It occurred when the game crashed right as using a key on the chest, but before any loot rendered. Then when reloading the game it goes to an (Actioned) chest, but didn’t have any difference in gold nor any other resource.

Well, if we are on weird chest behavior - something which also happened once only was that I paid gems for the last few minutes of the chest and it reverted to the use of a key and actually used one because I saw this after I had already initiated the movement to click what I had expected would be the “open” button. Never occured again though, and I still pay the minutes down here and there so I don’t have to wait.